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  1. When I export the backup report to a file and view it I notice that the client name and IP address for Linux clients are not showing up in the report. All other client types appear correctly in the report. Since I am currently backing up two Linux clients I would like to know which one is being backed up. I noticed that this was a problem with Mac OS X clients under Retrospect 5.x, but that was fixed in Retrospect 6. I would like to confirm that this is a known issue and occurs with other users before I complain to technical support. Thank you, Frostbite
  2. I am experiencing a similar problem with my autoloader. I have a HP SureStore DAT40x6e which holds 6 tapes. Whenever I need to add new tapes to the cartridge, I eject the cartridge and shuffle the tapes in the cartridge, then put the cartridge back in. The problem is whenever I select Unload All/Mag... then reinsert the cartridge, scan selected does not work. It says it is scanning only for one second, then nothing appears. When you expand the drive selection the expanded selection does not contain the tape library, but only says "no media". The only workaround I have found is to quit out of Retrospect, insert the cartridge, then relaunch Retrospect (Not very effective). Hopefully these are related and both can be solved.