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  1. Craig Sullivan

    Catalog out of sync

    Thanks again. Will do. Craig
  2. Retrospect starts normal backup, but stops and displays "Catalog out of sync with backup set "xxx." So I run the repair process and it says that it was successful, but when I retry the backup the same catalog sync message comes up again. There are 36 DLT tapes in the set. When I have run the repair, tape #36 is in the drive. Should I start with tape #1 and have it re-catalog all 36 tapes, otherwise how do I resolve this? Help is appreciated. C.
  3. Craig Sullivan

    Catalog out of sync

    Hi Lennart, thanks for the reply. Yes, I'm running 6. I didn't see a fast catalog rebuild option. So, do I have to start at tape #1 and proceed through tape #36?