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  1. rudnicke

    SLOW backup

    For years, I've been running Retrospect 8.5 without any issues. Worked like a champ. This past April, I decided to upgrade to 15. BIG mistake. I've had nothing but issues. Retrospect crashes all the time. I can deal with that, but now, when I try to backup the Exchange 2013 server, the speeds are very slow. 100MB/Min. It's going to take 2 days to backup a 252GB database. What could be causing this? It was running fine on 8.5. GB speeds.
  2. I've been using Retrospect 8.5.0 (136) Multi Server with the Exchange connector. I've setup a script to backup the Exchange server. I went to do a test restore, and Retrospect says that there are no snapshots available in the backup set. If I try Database restore, same error. Also the same error when I try to restore a mailbox. No snapshots. I've reset and recreated the backup file a few times, still the same issue. The backup completes successfully. Any ideas?
  3. I'm backing up a new Exchange 2013 server. I'm wondering what best practice would be for using Retrospect backup. I tried a full backup of the entire server also using the Exchange connector, but I ended up with lots of errors regarding open files, etc. Should I only backup what the Exchange connector suggests, or should I also back up the transaction logs? Maybe the whole server? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Can I use a proactive backup script to backup a laptop of a user who only connects to the network when he decides to come to work? I need to capture the data on his machine, but the times he shows up are random. Thansk.
  5. rudnicke

    Retrospect 6.5.319

    It appears to be working. Thanks. However, I am still confused as to it's creation. I looked at the configuration for the Selector, and noticed that it uses different rules. For instance: Yours uses: Include everything but always exclude files matching name ends with .mp3 or matching name ends with .avi or matching name ends with .mpg or matching name ends with .au or matching name ends with .wmv Mine uses: Include everything but always exclude files matching name ends with .mp3 and name ends with .mpg (etc....) How do you set the difference between "or matching" and "and"? Thanks, Brian Rudnicke
  6. rudnicke

    Retrospect 6.5.319

    I configured a new selector using these conditions: I chose Universal/Name and configured it to exclude any filename or folder that matches: *.mp3 *.avi *.mpg *.au *.wmv *.rm I then changed the script to use that selector. It is STILL grabbing those files during the backup job. --Brian
  7. rudnicke

    Retrospect 6.5.319

    The 'check selector' tells me that it's selecting everything. It's not leaving out any of the configured file extensions. Brian Rudnicke
  8. I think I now hold a record for the most problems with a single program. I never had any of these issues with 6.0 Multi-Server. Now that I am running Multi-Server 6.5, it's a non-stop rollercoaster of problems. I have 24 scripts setup to backup 24 seperate servers. The scripts all run fine now, to a certain extent. Each script has file exclusions configures (MP3's and WAV files are not supposed to be backed up because they are not considered mission critical to our business). However, the backup job now completely ignores those file exclusions. My backup file sizes have tripled since I installed 6.5. Can someone please tell me why these exclusions are being ignored? Thanks, Brian Rudnicke
  9. rudnicke

    6.5 is not working well at all

    I am using Retrospect 6.5.319. The operations logs contains this information (for one of the failing servers, they all match): + Normal backup using MORPHEUS at 6/26/2003 11:05 PM (Execution unit 1) To Backup Set MORPHEUS... Can't access volume Inetpub on MORPHEUS, error -557 (transaction already complete) 6/26/2003 11:06:07 PM: Execution incomplete Thanks, Brian Rudnicke
  10. I'm having issues with 6.5 already (multiple backup client listings, which makes it almost impossible to add a backup client on the first try). Now, I have 7 of the 25 backup jobs erroring out with error code -557 (transaction already complete). The knowledgebase has nothing on this error except what it listed in the error code table (which is just the error number). Has anyone else seen this? Can someone tell me why these backup jobs are failing with this error? What does it mean? Thanks, Brian Rudnicke
  11. Hi. Followed the instructions. When I go to add clients to Retrospect, they are there, but there are multiple listings for the same machine. It appears the amount of listings per machine is directly related to the number of IP addresses the machine has bound to it. FOr instance, we have one web server that has 15 IP addresses, and Retrospect is showing 15 clients listed for this machine. How do I get away from this? Thanks, Brian Rudnicke
  12. I purchased the Multi-Server Retrospect 6.5 upgrade this morning. Ran the upgrade on our backup server and everything went fine. However, now it cannot see half of the backup clients out there (ran the client upgrade and rebooted the machines), and the other clients are showing up in the client list 5 or 6 different times. Can anyone help? Thanks, Brian Rudnicke
  13. I have a second Windows Server 2003 on our network. I am currently able to backup that server with Retrospect 6.0. This issue is starting to get weird. --Brian
  14. I currently run Retrospect 6.0. I have a user who just put a Windows Server 2003 on the network and has asked that this server be backed up on a daily basis. I installed the 6.0 client. On the backup server, I opened the Backup Client dialog, and could see the server name there when I click on Add. However, when I try to add the backup client, I get an error stating that the backup client was not found. I have verified that the service is running on the W2K3 server. It has even notified the user that the machine has not been backed up. Does the 6.0 client work properly on Windows Server 2003? Am I missing something here? Thanks, Brian Rudnicke