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    -1017 error (insufficient permissions)

    It seems that it's only the launcher service that's having the trouble, as running a script few minutes in the future has the same results. The error is referring specifically to insufficient user permissions in accessing the file server for the currently logged in user, which doesn't make sense, since the currently logged in user has administrator privs on both the workstation running Retrospect and the file server that's being accessed. Would it help to reinstall Retrospect perhaps?
  2. I'm running Retrospect 7 on a Windows XP workstation attempting to backup a file server as a mapped drive. Upon automated execution I get a -1017 Insufficient Permissions error from Retrospect and Windows then recognizes the drive as a "disconnected network drive." The launcher service is configured to log in as the current user, who has administrator privileges on the file server. I've also configured a startup batch file in Windows to autodisconnect persistent: no for the file server mapping. Has anyone else experienced this problem? It used to be occassional, but now it's invariable. Thnks for any help. Kirk Miller Garrison Institute
  3. I have followed all of the documentation i could find for the -1017 insufficient permissions error with no success. I am still getting the message for a Dell server running Retrospect 6.0. I can set the script to run while I am on site, but when it gets to the normal daily schedule at 9PM, it generates the error and skips the backup. The scripts were generated while logged on as the user (who is an administrator) whose machine is running the backups. I have set the auto-log in feature, and I have checked the launcher service, which is set to the currently logged on user. Any other ideas?