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  1. tremblyj

    "Source not available" on a new client

    Hi Aaron, I normally see this issue being caused by IP/DNS changes. On my laptop server, which is running the Proactive Backup option, I have a CMD file setup in Scheduled Tasks to run every 5 minutes. In the CMD file, I have this command: IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS which deletes the backup server's DNS cache and forces it to get the latest DNS information from our DNS servers. To check if this is your problem, open a command window on your 2008 backup server (by clicking start, typing CMD in the search window then right-clicking on it and selecting RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR) and type: NSLOOKUP <clientname>. If your using a 2003 backup server, just open the comand window. Then compare that with whatever the Retrospect software shows for that client. I also fully qualify the DNS names of our clients, when I add them, by including the entire DNS suffix after their host names. You'll need to make sure that your DHCP servers registering new clients correctly as well. Especially if your laptops are switching between wired and wireless adapters.
  2. tremblyj

    backup to local drive

    Hi, We just started doing this. We backup to a local partition using a backup script to a DISK saveset then we run a tape transfer script to move the savesets to a TRANSFER saveset on tape. Retrospect creates a catalog file which can then be used to restore directly from tape. -John
  3. tremblyj

    disk to disk to tape

    Hi, Check my post in "Strategy, Scripts and General Use" concerning your post. -John
  4. tremblyj

    disk to disk to tape

    Hi, We just switched our strategy to Disk to Disk to Tape. We have dual 146MB 10k SCSI hard drives inside an IBM xServer 335 (rack-mounted pizza box with a single Pentium4 2.5 GHZ ZEON CPU and 1GB RAM connected via a 100MB/s ethernet port running Win2k server) striped together using the built-in hardware RAID controller. The data and Retrospect config files are backed up to a 200GB local partition with 8 scripts which run concurrently (maximum of 8 execution units allowed in MultiServer 6.5 for Windows with powerful hardware). When all eight scripts have completed. A special script called a Tape Transfer is run and the backup sets are transferred to our DLT8000 tape drive using a separate SCSI card. As the Tape Transfer script runs, it creates a catalog file which we can used to restore directly from tape. The gotcha here is that each time the Tape Transfer script runs, it overwrites the previous catalog file which has the same name as the Tape Transfer script. What we did is use the RetroEventHandler.bat file that we were already using to email backup logs to ourselves (which list our client backup failures) and to email us when Retrospect wants another tape. We added a section to copy the Tape Transfer catalog to a different directory while renaming it to include the date and time in the filename. Now we're trying to find out how to manually initiate the Tape Transfer script from the RetroEventHandler.bat file after all of our eight backup scripts are finished and we're also trying to figure out how to get the RetroEventHandler.bat file not to pop up overtop of Retrospect everytime an event triggers it. -John Trembly
  5. It is in Multiserver 6.5 for Windows. It must be for the Mac version as well...
  6. tremblyj

    Email notification not working

    Hi, Remove the 2nd "@" sign from your destination email address.
  7. tremblyj

    Email Notifier

    Make a test directory on a WIN2000 box. Copy the email notify script (retroeventhandler.bat) and the email sender (mailsndr.exe) into this directory. Edit the script and put "server_name@my_domain" in for kMailSender and your email address in for kMediaRequestGroup. Set the timeout to 5. Set MailServer to your email servers SMTP address. Edit the MediaRequest mail command to look like this: mailsndr -p -e %mailLog% %kMailServer% "Retrospect: MediaRequest" %kMailSender% -to %kMediaRequestGroup% %tempFile% Run this command in a dos box: retroeventhandler MediaRequest testlabel testname no "5"
  8. Hi, We had problems getting our backup server to see the clients in other networks on our WAN because our network group does not have forwarding turned on in our central router's config in order to conserve bandwidth. What we did to overcome this problem is centralize DHCP services on our WAN. The clients receive their IP address assignments from a W2K DHCP server (which is either at our head office or at one of our regional centres) that registers with our central W2K DNS servers. (We use a 22 bit mask,, which gives us 1022 addresses - x.x.8.2 to x.x.11.254 - In each location, we use the .8 subnet for static assignments and serve the .9 and .10 subnets from one of our regional centres. The .11 subnet is served from our central office as a backup to the regional centres.) Then we use a standardized naming convention for all clients in all locations assigning a unique host name to each one that identifies the host's location, the host's department and whether the host is a desktop or a laptop (We use separate servers for each). We then add each client to the Retrospect server's client database using its fully qualified domain name. Since DNS always knows what the clients IP is and assuming the WAN is up and functioning properly, we have zero problems backing them up. Note: This will work if you use Microsoft DNS and DHCP servers together... It could also work with other DHCP server software that supports dynamic updates and other DNS server software that is Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) 8.1-compliant or later... http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/en/server/help/default.asp?url=/windows2000/en/server/help/sag_DHCP_imp_InteroperabilityDNS.htm http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=http://support.microsoft.com:80/support/kb/articles/Q228/8/03.ASP&NoWebContent=1 http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/rtrmgmt/ciscoasu/nr/nr3-5/nrug/08dyndns.htm#wp81184 http://forums1.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?admit=716493758+1077550707597+28353475&threadId=6440
  9. tremblyj

    Client not Found?

    Hi, I've found that if a client is on a different network (i.e 10.x.10.10), I have to add the client using it's WINS name, DNS name or IP address. If I use multicast broadcasting and add the client's subnet to the multicast subnet list, the client will NOT show up in the list. I believe it has to due with Multicast packets generally not being allowed through routers to reduce WAN traffic...