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  1. One other question I had was how Retrospect handles backups when the Retrospect server doesn't have attached storage. I set up my backup through Minio S3 on my Synology, connected by Ethernet to the local network. If my Mac mini is the Retrospect server, when machines using the Retrospect client back up to S3, will they be sending their data through the Mac mini to S3, effectively doubling the amount of network data required for backup? Or will the clients back up directly to the S3 server? If they have to go through the Mac mini, does that mean the only way to have client machines back up directly to S3 is to install a Solo copy on each machine?
  2. Hello, I installed Retrospect 16.5 on a system running 10.14.6 two days ago. Configured Retrospect to do a full system backup (to Minio S3 on a Synology). No problems, and the first backup was a success. Configured Retrospect to back up every day at 6 am. Checked on the machine today, and fans were spinning. Retrospect engine was crashing and restarting every 10 seconds or so. Console.log gives this message: "(com.retrospect.retroengine[1057]): Service exited with abnormal code: 255" Retrospect Assert_log gives this error: "Error info: Assertion failure at "slotcon.cpp-698", on threadID 0x70000DE0C000" Restarting the computer doesn't fix it. Stopping and restarting the Engine doesn't fix it. Any ideas?