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    Amazon S3 maximum member size

    I did use Minio for a year, and it went smoothly. I had some local backups, some Minio, and some S3. I no longer use Minio, but no regrets. I appreciate all of the help available here on the forums!
  2. Hello, I just wanted to give a tip to anyone who comes across this problem (Retrospect Mac 17.5.1). I copy a number of local backups to an S3 account, which has always worked perfectly. The other day, I created a new cloud media set, using the same Amazon S3 account I use for my other media sets. However, whenever I initiated a backup, I'd very quickly get an "error -1021 (data overflowed expected amount)" and the backup would terminate. For the life of me, I could not figure out what was wrong, since my credentials to S3 were correct, and my other S3 backups were running without problem. As it turns out, when I created the member set, under the section that says, "Use at most ________ GB," I wrote in 16384 (16 TB). This was the problem. I reviewed the Retrospect 17 manual, and under chapter 8, in the section "Information for Retrospect," the manual states that the maximum cloud member size is 8 TB. It appears that if you specify the maximum size of the member set as being able to be larger than that, the backup fails, even if the consumed space in the member set is below 8 TB. I did not know that until yesterday, and curiously, all of my other S3 media sets have 10 TB set as their maximum size, and they back up correctly. So I'm not sure 8 TB really is the max, but 16 TB is clearly too much. I created a new media set with a max of 8 TB, and the backup runs smoothly. It seems like the Retrospect app could enforce a maximum number of 8192 in that field, when you create the media set, but it lets you set a number that is too high. Just FYI.
  3. One other question I had was how Retrospect handles backups when the Retrospect server doesn't have attached storage. I set up my backup through Minio S3 on my Synology, connected by Ethernet to the local network. If my Mac mini is the Retrospect server, when machines using the Retrospect client back up to S3, will they be sending their data through the Mac mini to S3, effectively doubling the amount of network data required for backup? Or will the clients back up directly to the S3 server? If they have to go through the Mac mini, does that mean the only way to have client machines back up directly to S3 is to install a Solo copy on each machine?
  4. Hello, I installed Retrospect 16.5 on a system running 10.14.6 two days ago. Configured Retrospect to do a full system backup (to Minio S3 on a Synology). No problems, and the first backup was a success. Configured Retrospect to back up every day at 6 am. Checked on the machine today, and fans were spinning. Retrospect engine was crashing and restarting every 10 seconds or so. Console.log gives this message: "(com.retrospect.retroengine[1057]): Service exited with abnormal code: 255" Retrospect Assert_log gives this error: "Error info: Assertion failure at "slotcon.cpp-698", on threadID 0x70000DE0C000" Restarting the computer doesn't fix it. Stopping and restarting the Engine doesn't fix it. Any ideas?