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  1. We've got just a few (three!) DDS4 DAT tapes which we'd like to try reading. They were probably made in 2003, probably on Retrospect 5 - but it might be a year either either side, and possibly R4 or R6! We still use Retrospect, but only to disk; we disposed of our tape drives, our SCSI Macs, and our old copies of Retrospect itself, some years ago. It's probably not worth the effort and expense to buy an old drive, an old Mac, and most difficult of all an old copy of Retrospect, especially since we're not sure which version we'd need. Does anyone know of any companies in the UK that offer the reading of old Retrospect archives as a service? (Apologies if this not the best place to post this - please point me in the right direction if so.) Thanks in advance for any suggestions.