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  1. client is recognized on windows retrospect server and when i try to add it mac retrospect 12.5.0(111) it give a reply no client found in this adress (-512) client side is 10.0.2(119) tried to upgrade to and it still didn't work the client is windows server 2012 the server shows on sources in the mac
  2. rafi


    Hi, i want to know if there is a way to restore all files with changes including different versions of the same files from a range of date till now.
  3. Not exactly i want to export clients from my windows retrospect server to mac retrospect server
  4. I Have to backup machine one is mac and the other one is windows i want to transfer the windows clients to the mac one
  5. From now and then i have to propagate permission to 9 TB of data on an xserve file server acl's are of no importence during restore but you could imagine what it does to backup causing a recycle effect on backup sets. i would like disable it like in windows.
  6. Hi, I'm backing up about 2,000,000 small files total size 200 gb at 400MB/min Win server 10 client 10. is there a way to speed thing up?
  7. when ever i back up local on the server and on another client simultaneously perfomance decreases dramaticly I have a 13 TB drive connected by Fiber Optic, when i run a script that backs up the local drive connected to the backup server speed is between 3000MB/Min - 6000MB/Min. my backup machine is qualstar RLS - 8350 LTO 6, when i start backing up a remote client Mac 12 which alone is running at a speed of 2500MB/Min - 3400MB/Min. When they work togther both speeds go down to 150MB/Min - 400MB/Min Please Help. Thanks
  8. How can i change priority to 100% like windows clients?