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    Restoring files from Express HD v 2.0

    Thank you Scillonian, followed your advice but when it came to opening a set it states that it is encrypted. I don't remember doing that and therefore I don't have a password, am I sunk?
  2. alnobear

    Restoring files from Express HD v 2.0

    Hi Robin thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded the trial but when I got to restore files the programme would only look for .rbf and .rbc files. The files in my back-up sets are .rdb so it comes up files not found. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Purchased A Wester HDD some years ago, did a b/up of my (now gone ) PC and images. I have discovered that the images on the HDD are the only copies I have (stupid me). When I try to open the image files I get the usual" which programme do you want to associatecannot" message, but there are none and the version of retrospect I have cannot be used on a windows 7 machine. Can anyone help as I really want those images back. Thanks