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    Help Getting System Up Again

    Sorry for the omission. I did uninstall and reinstall the client (Retrospect_Client_11_5_0_137). Server is 11.5.3 (103)
  2. I had Retrospect 10 running on my MacMini server to back up the Macs on my network. The backups were being stored on a Drobo 5D connected by Thunderbolt. I recently had two drive failures in the DROBO and had to completely reset that system and format the 5 3TB drives that contained all the data. So I have to reconfigure my system to get the Macs backing up again. Is there a simple procedure to get going again or do I have to wipe everything out of Retrospect and start brand new? I have about 11 sources in my Proactive script. Do I reset the Media collection and will Retrospect sense that it needs to back them all up as if it never saw them before? TIA for any assistance. Lance
  3. lance.dong

    Help Getting System Up Again

    thanks, twickland. Found the retroclient.state file, deleted and restarted the Mac, but now I go into the client to configure, I turn the client on and it switches itself Off. Also I have noticed that the client does not ask for a password. TIA
  4. lance.dong

    Help Getting System Up Again

    I was able to reset the Media set and the server seems to be set up okay now. When I installed a Mac Client on my bosses new MacBook Pro, the client immediately recognized that Retrospect client had been installed on his previous machine. What do I need to do to reset his local settings?
  5. lance.dong

    Help Getting System Up Again

    Thanks, Lennart. I will give it a shot today.