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  1. Thanks for the reply Lennart_T. I'll take a look at those options.
  2. Hello, One of my clients has a Single Server 20 Clients license that they use to backup a Mac server. They have a backup set that spans multiple external drives that I'd like to condense on to a single external drive via Copy Media Set. I need to do this using my equipment instead of on the licensed backup workstation at their office. Is it feasible to accomplish this task using the trial version of Retrospect? If not is there another way to do this? Thanks for any input.
  3. 3PointD

    "Roll Back" a backup

    Yes that would be a nice feature to have in the Mac version. This is definitely the long way around on this one.
  4. 3PointD

    "Roll Back" a backup

    FYI the response from support was. "If you back up onto a hard disk, you could consider deleting all .rdb data files written to your backup disk from yesterday. Then go to Media Sets>Rebuild and perform a full catalog rebuild for that backup set." Initially I suspected this would be the answer but was hoping there might be some other workaround that wouldn't involve re-cataloging everything. It's rebuilding at about 4GB/m which is really good but it's going to take some time.
  5. Hello, I edited ACLs on about 3TB of files on my file server yesterday. Consequently not realizing that I had "use attribute modification date when matching" turned on in the backup script. Last nights's backup now has claimed all of my empty media trying to backup the 3TB that "changed". Would it be possible to go back as if last night's backup never happened? I'm not seeing a way so I'm assuming it would be something manual. Anyone have any experience with this? Retrospect Single Server for Mac OSX 12.0.0 (213) running on OSX 10.7.5 Thanks
  6. 3PointD

    Off Site Plan

    Thanks man, I think it's starting to make better sense now. I still don't like the verbiage "Copy most recent backups". Making it plural is confusing. Also a nice option on top of "Copy selected backups" would be to be able to copy x days or last x backups. Anyway thanks. You gave me some good stuff to think about.
  7. All, I'm running Mac Single Server version 12.0.0 (213). How do you guys handle keeping an updated copy of your backups off site? I've got 3+TB backup set that I've copied to a large external for off site. I need to be able to leave that large external off site and continue to supplement with smaller externals. I've figured out how to use a single supplemental by adding it to the offsite media set and performing "copy media set". This is fine for me because I know how to plug in the external and run the scripts every day. Id like it more automated so that anyone can just pull out last night's disk and plug in today's without needing to do anything manually. Also I've seen the Copy Backup setting "Copy most recent backups for each selected source". What/who determines "most recent"? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Yes I just checked that server and see that there are disk issues. Guess I should have looked a little further than the Retrospect interface. Thanks!!
  9. Hello, I'm currently evaluating multi server. My Mac workstation (OSX 10.7) is the backup server. I've been backing up a share located on a Windows 2000 server (no client installed) for the last week or so. Recently I started receiving Scanning incomplete, error -1,124 ( invalid NTFS data) when backing up this share. I searched for that error code but didn't find anything. Is this a permissions problem? Do I need to disconnect the source and reconnect? If so how with that impact anything that has been backed up before hand? Thanks!
  10. OK thanks. I wasn't sure if old client versions worked with new host versions.
  11. Hello - Just wondering if it is possible to backup up a powerpc running OSX 10.4 as a client to Retrospect 11.5 multiserver? Thanks!