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    Backup not available

    Yes its weird! It worked with the other machines and everytime backup of this machine is done it says "Backup was successful". I use a Promise HDD-Raid as mediaset. Nope, no restart yet because I need the other server services running atm.
  2. Bardel

    Backup not available

    The Exact wording is "Backup nicht verf├╝gbar" which is german and i translated it to "Backup not available" which is a 1:1 ( and correct) translation. I've googled the error in english and german to no avail.. I just clicked "recover" and then took the option "Recover selected files and folders". When I click "browse" on the machine i mentioned, the error message pops up. I tried with two other mac machines and the files showed up after the statusbar completed. at my first attempt there was a script running. I also suspected it to suppress my recovery but now i can rule it out. Because 1) it worked on the other machines i tested and 2) after my script was finished i retried. Also to no avail. The error message keeps popping up.
  3. Hey all, I made a quick checkup of all the backups running at the company. We have several PCs and Macs. The mac laptops are backuped using proactive backups. Now I made a test run on one of the mac laptops but when I try to access the backup Retrospect gives me "Backup not available". Tha'ts funny because in the history I have a backup of yesterday which says "Backup completed successfully". The protocol says that about 700 files have been copied. I find this a little bit scary because i was thinking everything is allright with my backups. Obviously not because i cannot access them for this particular machine. What can be the cause of this? I need to trust the software...
  4. What I did was I installed the clients with the Installer on every machine (Win&Mac). All the later updates i pushed with retrospect server which went very well. Now I'm in the process of setting up a new backup strategy. But now all Clients have blocked privacy controls and the backup script continues to backup the whole computer. Retrospect basically overrides all privacy locations i once set. I found dthat removing a client from the sources and readding it gets rid of the problem. But still it sucks i cannot change the settings dynamically. It really bugs me!
  5. jep. doesn't change a thing. On the mac, too by the way...
  6. Hey all, I've got a windows computer running the latest retrospect client. In the settings I cannot access the Privacy Settings i need in order to exclude some directories from backup. Now in the Sources settings in Retrospect server all client rights were unchecked so I checked them all. Still the clients does not enable privacy settings (or any settings) at all. What can I do? Reboot didn't help.
  7. ah okay. haven't stumbled upon it yet. Sounds logical! I'll give it a spin.
  8. What do you mean by grooming? is that an option somewhere?
  9. that's what i needed to know. Thanks Lennart!
  10. cool. I'll try that. Thanks a lot one more question: will the media action be set to "Recycle" in order to replace instead of adding backups?
  11. will i have to bring in every raid drive as a mediaset or as one mediaset with 2 media? For the process of swapping: how do i "disconnect" the drives in Retrospect? I usually disconnect them in the finder. Is that sufficient for retrospect to know that one is gone and the other one takes its place? so confusing.
  12. Yeah it's risky but at the moment there's no other way.. I have proactive scripts for the laptops that are not always here. the other computers are scheduled to have their backups done one after another. as far as i can see, there's no way to schedule individual sources in one script. so my main problem is how to handle the mediasets so it's no hustle to exchange them..
  13. Hey fellow retrospecters, What I'm trying to achieve sounds terribly easy, but i repeatedly failed. I do backups of around 20 machines (Win&Macs) on an external Raid drive thats connected by Firewire to the mac mini that runs Retrospect Server. I have 2 of those Raid drives. One is connected and taking backups, the other one's off site for safety reasons. From time to time I want to swap in the one i have off site with the one that's connected. Since there is usually a few months (no fixed schedule) in between swaps it's okay to have the freshly swapped in drive being overwritten or recycled. What I've tried: Creating a mediaset with two media (which resemble my raid drives Backup A & Backup B ). All 20 Scripts point to that mediaset. Doesn't work. If i swap drives, the script calls for new media. Is there a way of swapping raid drives without having to manually switch the mediaset to backup to in all 20 scripts? I've watched most youtube tutorials around that topic but it seems they all cover slightly different scenarios somehow... Many many thanks in advance!