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  1. While the 6.3 client will probably be OK, Retro 6.1 is not a supported configuration for backups of Snow Leopard or Lion machines. While you may be able to back up text and similar data files, you should not make any attempt to back up any system or application files. Not only does Retro 6.1 not understand and will not be able to restore these files, some users have reported that some of these files have been hosed simply in the process of being accessed by Retro 6.1 during a backup. The word here is definitely to proceed with caution, limit your backup attempts to user data files only, and test your ability to restore these data files correctly. Under this configuration, I would attempt making your restores only to a new folder and not use the option to replace corresponding files. You may have success under these limitations, but don't be surprised if you do not. www.tesking.biz