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    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    Just to throw out an idea after catching up with this thread, you might also want to investigate the settings in Control Panel | Sync Center in relation to One Drive, as well as anything else. Sync Center might have a bearing on this. I saw a bulletin regarding a completely unrelated application yesterday that encountered errors caused by the Sync Center. Then I read another article today discussing how One Drive syncs files and folders to the MS cloud. Now this thread to bring it full circle. I'm going to continue to watch this thread, and want to say that I really appreciate the extremely professional community discussions on this Forum. Bravo.
  2. mbennett

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    hevanw, Sorry my suggestion didn't work out, and apologies to Scillonian for the error in the name. Please be sure to share the solution if/when you find it. This error was the bane of my existence for several weeks and I'm really unhappy to see that it might pop up and bite me again.
  3. mbennett

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    I fought this error, sometimes frequently and sometimes sporadically, on several systems for quite some time. Filed a support case which came back with several suggestions. Of course I tried them all in what I thought was most-to-least likely to succeed. And the least likely solution, to me at first, was the winner. The solution that works every time and totally stops this error is to move the catalogs out from under the My Documents directory. I could lecture you on the stupid attempt to "virtualize" user files which Microsoft started trying to accomplish with Vista, but I'm convinced that's what creates this problem. Of course it's pointless and unnecessary, and Microsoft keeps bungling around with it. You can search this forum for instructions from a user named Scillian (I recall) to do this, but these are instructions of his I modified and have in my own KB. The catalog files can be moved to another drive or directory. I use C:\Catalogs With Windows Explorer, or your file manger of choice, copy the catalog file to its new location. In the Backup Sets dialog select the Backup Set whose catalog you want to move and click Forget.... Back in Retrospect click More... in the Backup Sets dialog then Open...in the following dialog. Navigate to the new location of the catalog file, select the file then click Open. Then you'll need to go to Manage Scripts and update all sources and/or destinations that are not defined because when you forget/move the catalogs the backup set will be deleted from scripts wherever they're found. This part can be time-consuming and error prone, and it will test your memory, so keep checking the logs for errors until you find them all. Good luck.
  4. mbennett

    New Windows user wants advice

    Retrospect 15 for Windows and Mac was released today. Download it if you enjoy being on the bleeding edge of technology. Last I heard the browser based console is to be released in May~ 2018. I wouldn't bet heavily on that, but that's the marketing projection. We'll see.
  5. Here's the original question: No there doesn't seem to be a way to do that. It isn't a problem with Retrospect, it's a problem with the way Windows services work. When you stop a service, the application that service is running also stops. But as my final word on this thread, I suggest you install 12.6.1 and test the interaction between the Dashboard and program yourself. If it doesn't do what you expect, then communicate with support and present the issue to them. Let us know what happens. If you were comfortable and happy with using the Mac as a Retrospect server and it did what you want to do, why not go back to that? The fundamental operation of the Mac OS is based on Unix, and is definitely different and probably superior to Windows. Expecting them to work in an identical manner, or even in an exactly analogous manner is probably a waste of time. Good Luck
  6. I did get time to install the 12.6.1 version of Retrospect on Monday night, and have observed a couple of things. But to the point of this thread, this version does allow you to launch the Retrospect program without seeming to break anything. When you start the Dashboard, you can click the "Launch Retrospect" link if the program doesn't start at that time. As DavidHertzberg notes, if you're within the look-forward time frame the program seems to launch automatically and you'll barely see the Dashboard screen. If you're not within that time frame, clicking the link will show the message "Waiting for Retrospect to exit" as the services stop and the program launches. To me, this behavior is perfect and resolves the real issue. Blanket recommendation is that if you've paid the ASM fees, you should upgrade to 12.6.1 ASAP.
  7. I remember reading that at the time you wrote it. I don't know if the timeline provided by Ian Dennis in sales is accurate, but I expect it is relatively so. He specifically says "Preview coming" so perhaps the web UI is still going to be in beta, may still be an optional install, may be any number of things. Maybe it will just be a Youtube video showing where they're going and we won't see a live product until 2019. There are major enhancements to both Physical and Virtual Retrospect, but that's for them to announce. I also wouldn't have any reason to believe Jeff was intentionally misleading anybody, but with software development the deadlines and project times change almost daily. I'm still running 12.5 and haven't installed 12.6 which was framed as more of a bug fix. They actually released it a few days after I upgraded from 12 to 12.5 (isn't that always the way?) When I start the Dashboard and get the UAC prompt, then click Launch Retrospect it does briefly display a message at the top of the Dashboard screen that says something along the lines of "Retrospect is exiting", which I take to mean the services are stopping. The following quote is is in the release notes for 12.6, so presumably something is different. I'll try to install 12.6 on my system in the next few days. And last, because I'm really tired and this has been a long day, you seem to be concerned about my name, which is Mark Bennett. At some point when signing up for this forum it asked me to assign a handle for myself, something I don't like to choose at any time. So I picked ProFromGrover which is a callback to the book M*A*S*H* by Richard Hooker. My mbennett login is the first part of my email address. I can't explain why the forum software mixes this up from one time to the next, but it's not really that important to me. I just know it's not me that's causing it to shift from one to the other.
  8. I'm seeing a lot of errors showing "can't read error -1017 insufficient permissions" in the log file you attached. First thing is to reboot the system that's being backed up and run chkdsk /f on that drive. That might fix the problem. The insufficient permissions error probably refers to the directory where the catalog files are located, so you should also try rebuilding all of the catalog files that are concerned in the jobs that aren't working. Also, look up that -1017 error in the knowledgebase on the Retrospect website and see what it says. I didn't do that. It's always possible that the RDX drive is worn out or a cable is bad, but they're pretty reliable. I use one every day. It's also possible the RDX cartridge itself is bad. Do you have any grooming jobs running on these sets?
  9. deredk500, I haven't been following this thread until just now, but I logged in to comment about something that is pertinent. First, as a practical matter in a Windows environment the icon on the taskbar is a myth and hasn't ever worked in my experience. Looking at page 22 of the User's Guide pretty much reveals that feature as an artifact of Windows XP and previous Windows versions. You can go to Preferences | Execution | Startup and set the flag to show the icon in the taskbar, but it will never actually appear. The UAC features introduced with Windows Vista killed that ability. Second, as a practical matter you can't do what you're asking. When the startup preferences are checked to enable the Retrospect services, those services own the program. You can launch the Dashboard and see if anything is running. If no job is running, then clicking the "Launch Retrospect" link in the top right corner of the window (label was renamed for version 12 to make it more accurate) will stop the services and open Retrospect proper. If you take that action when a job is running, killing the services will kill the job. If no jobs are running the program will launch harmlessly and all jobs will run as scheduled even though the services are stopped. If you launch the program while a job is running it will kill the job because launching it will kill the services. If you exit Retrospect while a job is running it will kill the job, because the services will be relaunched when you exit. To summarize this, don't start the Retrospect program while a job is running, and don't exit while a job is running. The Dashboard was envisioned, I believe, as a way to monitor the operation of the program while allowing it to continue running. You can't modify anything but you can see what's happening up to a point. Perhaps you could launch the program from an RDP session and set the session to lock after several minutes of inactivity and require a password to reopen the desktop. Not a great solution but it's pretty simple if it's possible. I don't use RDP a lot and I haven't attempted this. I've recently revised my own policy on using the E-Mail alerts which may help you to not feel that you need to be in the program watching everything. At one time I had every system to send an email every time Retrospect twitched it's nose, and it drove me a little crazy. In Preferences | Notification | E-Mail I now only check "Use e-mail for reporting" and "Send e-mail for failure and media requests". For each Retrospect 'server' that is running normally I get two emails every night, one when the Launcher starts and another when it stops. If no other email comes from that system I know the jobs have run successfully. Retrospect is such a stable program this happens most nights. If I get additional email from a system then I know I have a problem and I can focus on it. Real problems don't get lost in the weeds of meaningless emails. Last, I'm a dealer and I got an email from the sales department yesterday. As I hypothesized last year with DavidHertzberg they've announced that the next release of Retrospect is coming in a couple of months, and the new web-based user interface (which I predicted and was hoping for) will be released this summer. This might also be the fix you're looking for. I believe it will be, so hang in there. There is a long Youtube video about administering the Virtual Retrospect product and I think that is approximately what you can expect to see with the new interface. This simply confirms their direction. I hope this helps you. Mark
  10. mbennett

    Cannot recatalog backups

    Second the motion. Starting another thread on the same issue didn't get you any meaningful results either. I've never seen this error and your situation is too complex for people on the forum to debug. Get on the horn with support. Good luck.
  11. You can usually fix this by running chkdsk on your system. Doesn't always work, but often enough to make it a good first step.
  12. mbennett

    12.5 Pro not installing

    Are you logged in either as the user "Administrator" or at least using "run as administrator" when you launch the install program. I don't think having an account where you have administrative rights will be enough. I've installed 12.5 a couple of times without issues, and I suspect this is your problem.
  13. mbennett

    Catalog Files on a NAS

    I don't think this is a Retrospect issue because I've seen it happen with other applications in similar situations. Microsoft has somehow screwed up the ability to browse a network and look for shares. I would first focus on finding out whether the Homegroup feature is enabled in the Network control panel. Disable it and go back to conventional network sharing. There is plenty of information you can Google on this subject. Good luck.
  14. mbennett

    error -3050 (VSS reported an error)

    Run the services.msc program from the search box, or the program from Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services. It's the same thing. Find the Volume Shadow Copy program. It is normally stopped and marked to start Manual. Try to start it and see if it will go. If it does start without error and it's not being asked to perform any jobs it will probably stop by itself, and that's normal behavior. Your backup job might run OK the next time. If VSS doesn't start or gives an error you'll need to restart your system. If your backup job fails again restart your system.
  15. mbennett

    Latest update - backup reports better on mac

    No, the reports are pretty ugly, you're not missing any settings that I know about. I get a bunch of these overnight every night, and basically I just look at the first line. If it says zero errors and zero warnings I don't continue to read the body of the email unless there's something in particular I'm wanting to monitor. I delete the email and go to the next one. The only ones worth investigating are failed jobs, and even then I usually watch for patterns of failures over one or more days. Some jobs, such as cloud backups, will cough up a warning or two but complete successfully, so I don't get too excited unless something dire seems to be happening.
  16. Also, when I've found myself in this situation in the past it's because I haven't properly configured or run a Grooming job on the backup set. You can sometimes go a very long time without filling up a volume if you groom the set. You might try that next time before you try transferring the set to another disk. Good luck.
  17. mbennett

    New Windows user wants advice

    David, I agree that there are some annoyances in the Windows Retrospect version, and I'm now on 12.1. The Dashboard could be improved for sure. The "Retrospect is already in use" message has a fairly direct workaround. Simply run services.msc as an administrator, and stop the Retrospect Launcher service. Then run Retrospect to make desired changes, exit the program and start the service again. All this message really means is that the service is running, and the program is working and is prepared to launch the next backup. I'm sure there's a way to run this all from the command line too. I prefer to use the Dashboard | Relaunch sequence of commands because I don't want to accidentally interrupt a backup. Stopping the service will kill running jobs. Using Relaunch will kill running jobs, but at least I'll see on the Dashboard that a job is running. No, I don't like being forced to do this and I would like to see it get fixed, but in the grand scheme of things I can deal with it. Mark
  18. mbennett

    New Windows user wants advice

    I get a summary feed of topics posted, and when I clicked the link it took me to this thread, so I replied to your post in the forum where it was originally posted. I'm puzzled that you think I should have replied to your post in a different forum. Be that as it may, good luck on trying to persuade Retrospect to resurrect an admin tool they've already abandoned, and one that puts them at a competitive disadvantage. If you sell software, you will be aware that browser based or tablet based interfaces are demanded my most SMB outfits these days, to the point that I've been involved in demoing software that was immediately dismissed from contention because it did not have a browser interface. Programming resources are precious and expensive, and when I watched the VM admin video it was immediately clear to me that this was well designed and that Retrospect had done an excellent job of transferring the administration tools to a browser. They may not decide to make this the single admin tool that it could be. I'm not privy to their decision making process. But I would much rather see a move to that interface than a retread of a program developed in 2006.
  19. David, Although this may be or may have been a fine UI, I think the chances of Retrospect resurrecting it is none out of a possible million. I'll bet just about anything that this is the Retrospect admin tool of the future for all platforms. https://youtu.be/Q3lLRQjnbl8 I expect this interface to be the only admin tool in coming versions, replacing everything we have now. Mark
  20. mbennett

    What's up with limit on "snapshots"?

    I've never seen this error, so I suspect it's a limit placed on the trial version. Just a guess.
  21. mbennett

    New Windows user wants advice

    David, I don't care what is said in a Wikipedia article. I don't think there is any reason to hold that up as the gold standard to which the Retrospect program or docs must be held. And I continue to be baffled when you cite documentation that is for the Macintosh version of Retrospect, in a subject thread that is explicitly requesting information about Windows. Neither of those things has any bearing at all on the subject at hand that I can see. But since you like Wikipedia, try this subject: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_intelligence_software and follow that the the Digital Dashboards subject. This is an entire genre of software applications. I also wouldn't fall too much under the thrall of either the current Mac or Windows UI. I strongly suspect that in a year we'll be looking back on what we're using today as the "old interface".
  22. mbennett

    New Windows user wants advice

    Information about the Dashboard is on page 31 of the manual. This dashboard works in a similar manner to dashboards in other programs. By design, you should not be able to manipulate the program, with the exception of being able to pause or stop a job. There's nothing odd about it, dashboards are supposed to inform you of the status of current jobs, or jobs to be executed soon. There are a lot of programs with dashboards, not a new concept. If you've admitted that you don't use the Windows version of Retrospect, and obviously haven't read the manual, don't tell me I don't understand the program or what it does. I use it every day. RDP has nothing to do with it, you're still running a Windows desktop. Tell us what you know from your own experience, and stop putting words in my mouth. That's MY humble opinion.
  23. mbennett

    New Windows user wants advice

    When you install any recent version of Retrospect the Dashboard is installed. Find it in the programs group with the Retrospect program. Yes, I did mean the Dashboard is owned by the same owner of the Windows Retrospect Launcher service. The evidence is quite simple. Try to run the Retrospect program and you'll probably get a message that the program is in use. Run the Dashboard first, then Relaunch and you never get that message. I think the inference is simple, because the service continues to run when you launch with this method. It also worries me that you guys are contining to refer to the Version 14 User's Guide to steer your actions, and that's the guide for the Mac. Make sure you're downloading and referring to the Version 12 UG for Windows.
  24. mbennett

    New Windows user wants advice

    Good Morning, I haven't had time to read the entire Wikipedia page, and it might be right. However, my experience is strictly limited to Windows and its many problems and limitations when it comes to this issue. I certainly don't have all the answers. Since I upgraded to Windows Version 12 my Proactive backups won't run on schedule in spite of everything I try. The Retrospect Dashboard on the Windows "Server" will give you a snapshot of what's going on, and it owns the service. So when you use the "Relaunch" option on the dashboard to run the Retrospect program, make changes and exit, the service and program continues to run and jobs launch as scheduled. (Except for the before mentioned Proactive jobs.) Retrospect does not normally appear on the taskbar or in the tray. It's only running as a service. The kludge I suggested before is only for the situation that I outlined, where the Retrospect Server is located on a Windows PC where the user does not have administrator's rights. It works and the program is always running on the taskbar, but if the user closes Retrospect no jobs will launch. I set Retrospect to email me when the program starts and stops so I'm aware of the issue immediately. There are a lot of shadings to this issue, and experience will help you get a grasp of what's going on, so have some patience and I think you'll get there. Mark
  25. mbennett

    New Windows user wants advice

    David, "P.P.P.P.S.: ProFromGrover, would you be kind enough to explain under what circumstances the solution you linked to in post #6 of this thread—which you say in post #6 of the linked-to thread goes against security standards in some installations—is necessary?" The solution I posted is necessary if you can't get anything else to work, and I could not. It was posted as a direct response to a question about being able to launch the program. I thought that was pretty obvious. I'm always look for better solutions, so feel free to share your improved answer or solution.