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  1. I am running Retrospect 7.7 on a QuadCore Machine that has place for another CPU. Will I gain any performance in Retrospect by adding another CPU? Retrospect is the only (major) application running on this computer.
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    Multiple Processors

    Thanks Lennart, so you mean it is better to add multiple NICs and RAM for better performance? We also use software compression for backup to disk - do you think that Retrospect would use another CPU if I add one?
  3. As far as I understand this is not a Retrospect problem, it is covered in Microsoft KB: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/278845 where they explain it quite well, and also explain how to solve the problem.
  4. Hi paul, I had the same problem here, in it was Retrospect that had lost its pointers to the correct subfolder on the client computer, so I had to redefine the subfolder for the client computer in Retrospect. That solved it.
  5. Any news on this internal fix? - when do you plan to have it released? Today some customers have to choose between backing up their old Win 98 clients or backing up their new Win Vista clients.
  6. Is it OK to downgrade to version 7.5.324 - without any problems? Will BackUpSets and Scripts work the way they used to do before the upgrade to 7.5.370?
  7. Well, it would be incredibly tedious if you don't have an external HD to boot from - I guess....