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  1. I have an iMac, OS 10.14.5, Retrospect v. When I check the backup logs I see "error -1,101 (file/director not found) which in the past means that Full Disk Access needs to be configured in Privacy > Security & Privacy > System Preferences. When I went to the specific computer I checked and Full Disk Access has already been configured. Any ideas what could be causing this?? Suggestions very welcome. Retrospect: Full Disk Access Mojave .pdf
  2. I am running a ProactiveAI backup on a MacBook Pro (no parallels installed) and specifically selected in Rules: "User Files and Settings except movies and music." I started this backup at noon and it is backing up .mkv movie files! After waiting a few hours I stopped the backup because the user is leaving the office for the day. Is there another trick to tell Retrospect NOT to backup the .mkv files??
  3. In reference to Madison437 and the error code -1,101 (file/director not found) I found this helpful article on the Retrospect support site. The update to Mojave (10.14) has a new security feature. You need to open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab > Full Disk Access. Click the lock to authenticate. Now go to Finder menu and Go > Go to Folder. Enter: /Library/PreferencePanes and drag the Retrospect Client over to the Full Disk Access window then /Library/Application Support/Retrospect and drag the RetrospectInstantScan to the Full Disk Access window Attached is the document where I found this info. Retrospect: Full Disk Access Mojave .pdf
  4. Retrospect documentation says you should be able to configure the system to clean tape drives after every 400 hours of use. The documentation says you control click on the drive and set it there but there is no option to select for auto cleaning. Where can I find more information on configuring this automatic feature? Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. That is good news. We are in the process of upgrading to v.16.
  6. DavidHertzberg, thank you for the detailed information. I have filed a support case and hope the March 6 upgrade to v. 16 (or v.16.1) will be helpful in speeding up Instant Scan and other backups.
  7. Martin is definitely not the only one experiencing over-lengthy backups. We use incremental backups and the instant scanning often takes multiple hours and sometimes overnight. I will discuss this with our team and try turning off ISA but am hoping the release of v.16 repairs this.
  8. Am getting the error above and the computer is not backing up. I found the Retrospect error code page but that merely lists the same info I see on the failed backup. I don't know what this means nor what to do to resolve this problem. The computer is using OS 10.11 and Retrospect v is 15.1 but I can't check because the hard drive on the computer has failed. What does -808 mean?
  9. Lennart_T and DavidHertzberg-- thanks to both of you. Both of you have been very helpful when I have posted questions on this forum.
  10. We could not bring the hard drive back to life. Lennart_T suggested to "Repair" the media set in Retrospect which I ran yesterday. Today I am happy to report the repair was the correct fix and I have a backup for the entire lab. Thank you Lennart_T Once we have the hard drive for the failed computer replaced it will be added to the backup schedule.
  11. The hard drive is toast. I'll start with the Repair in Retrospect. Thank you!
  12. (Date) Connected to Computer Name * Resolved container Akumar's imac to 1 volumes: akumar iMac on Akumar's iMac - Date Time Copying akumar iMac on Akumar's iMac Date Time Found 1186107 files, 2511 folders, 295.6 GB !Trouble matching akumar iMac on Akumar's iMac to Lab Name june 2017 [001], error -808 (key/refnum search failed) Does the above info help? Thank you for your time!
  13. I sent in an email to Retrospect Support yesterday: Agent Response: Can you send us a copy of the operations_log.utx file from library/application support/Retrospect? We can review the log to better understand what may be happening. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.The Retrospect Support Team I sent a zip file of the operations_log.utx file this morning.
  14. Here's what was in files I tried to send: Computers are Mac’s running OS 10.13.4 or 10.13.5 From the logs: DATE TIME Connected to COMPUTER NAME (CN) *Resolved container CN to 2 volumes: cn on cn CN on cn +Can’t access volume cn on cn, error -1,101 (file directory not found) Retrospect then continues to the 2ndvolume (CN on cn) and ends with “Execution completed successfully.” In another instance there is one volume but the error message says: “Folder CN/private/var/db/ConfigurationProfiles/Store/, +Scanning incomplete, error -1,101” Retrospect continues to build and store a snapshot. Completes with 1 execution error.
  15. I am using Retrospect v. and am still having this error -1,101 problem. The problem is I don't see a clear pattern either. Here are 2 samples in the files attached below.
  16. Understood. Thanks for letting me know.
  17. Yesterday I updated our server v. of Retrospect to version as recommended by the Agent. This has had no affect on fixing the error -1,101 bug and the backups are still generating this error code. I updated the Support Case History today.
  18. Thanks David. I did submit an email Support Request earlier this morning. Here is the response. I am just now starting to test this solution. Agent Response: For -1101 errors, please try this pre-release test version of Retrospect:Please let us know if you have any additional questions.The Retrospect Support Team
  19. Mayoff, I am requesting the bug fix version for v. users asap. We recently upgraded the server to v.15 and I am progressively upgrading each of the clients. I was seeing a lot of the error code listed below while we were at v.14.5 but the error codes are continuing after upgrading to v.15. Very frustrating! "Can't access volume..., error -1,101 (file/directory not found)... Compressing catalog file...Execution incomplete"
  20. I’m beginning to see a pattern of errors in Retrospect v.14.5. It seems to be happening with only on computers that have upgraded to OS 10.13.3. (OS 10.12 & prior are fine.) Retrospect finds the volume, and reads like this: 3/13/18 2:28:53 AM: Copying [computer name] on [computer name] While scanning volume [computer name], Folder [computername]/private/var/db/ConfigurationProfiles/Store/ Scanning incomplete, error -1,101 (file/directory not found) Then Retrospect continues to match and backup files on that computer but marks the entire script as unsuccessful (as indicated by the red dot with an X). How can I resolve this?
  21. Thank you David. I will contact Retrospect Tech Support.
  22. UPDATE: Upgrading clients to v.15 ( works on many but not all. Some clients running OS 10.13.4 are getting tagged with error -1,101. [date] [time] Copying [computer name] on [computer name] Whie scanning volume [computer name], Folder computer name/private/var/db/ConfigurationProfiles/Store/, Scanning incomplete, error -1,101 (file/directory not found) [date] [time] Found: 982320 files, 218259 folders, 98.8 GB The Log tells me it finished matching these files, builds a Snapshot, Stores it, but Execution is incomplete. I go back to Sources and check Summary and Status for this particular computer is listed as "Backed up". Again, in Sources I refresh this machine and do not get an error messages. So I am ran a back up now but continue to get this same error. Suggestions welcome.
  23. Running 14.6.1 (client did not resolve the error issue for me either so I began updating to v.15 last week. So far, the computers that have been upgraded to v.15 do not give the error -1,101 (file/directory not found). If that changes I will update this ticket.
  24. Thank you DavidHertzberg--I filed a Support Case and Retrospect is on the case. They suggested upgrading to v.14.6 at the very least. Am waiting to hear from my supervisor if he wants us on v.14.6 or go straight to v.15.
  25. Thanks for the reply David. No, I'm not "Moisie". Guess I'm a "fuddy-duddy" too since I'm sticking with OS 10.12 for now but many of the users I support ran the upgrade. We are in the process of soon upgrading to Retrospect V.15 but I will try your suggestions and reply back here.