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    Mac client backups hang, error -505

    Replying to my own post for an update. I eventually noticed that backups for the problematic OS X clients were stalling on the same file each time, though different for each client. When I went to the client machines the files in question were unreadable due to some disk error. So, on the one hand, I discovered that some disks were going bad which is a good thing. On the other hand, I don't think Retrospect should completely stall the backup because of a few unreadable files. Eventually some other client's drive is going to develop some unreadable sectors and I'll have more stalled backup which require manual intervention to resolve. As an aside, Time Machine backups do finish successfully. I don't recall this behavior with our previous version of Retrospect (Win, v7).
  2. I just upgraded to Retrospect 9 on a Windows 8.1 server and I'm running into some problems completing initial backups for a few OS X 10.9 clients, running the latest Mac client version The backup starts OK and copies tens of GB of files, then all visible progress in the activity monitor stops. The status of the client backup shows that it's still copying files, but none of the progress indicators ever change, e.g. number of files, time. It's possible to stop the backup on the server, but the Retrospect client remains in a busy state where new backups don't start and attempts to access the client manually from the server result in the error: "Sorry, couldn't connect to <CLIENT_NAME>, error -505 (backup client reserved)". I have to restart the client computer or uninstall and then reinstall the retrospet client software to regain access and restart a backup. However, in short order the backup stalls in the same manner. This is particularly problematic because one stalled client backup can prevent all clients in the same proactive backup script from getting backed up. Has anyone else experienced this issue?