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  1. I've been using retrospect on Win2k desktops that came with Windows CDs. Creating disaster recovery CDs was easy. In September I bought 2 Toshiba laptops with WinXP; they did not come with Windows CDs. Many companes do not send product CDs anymore. Even if we install the main Retrospect product, we cannot create disaster recovery CDs without the product CD. Very bad! One of my laptops became corrupted and rendered the Retroclient useless - could not start the service; entire panel was grayed out. I've spent a month trying to recover from this. Now I have to reinstall the Toshiba recovery media and the client and hope it puts humpty-dumpty together again. One of your competitors does not have these limitations, and I have begun to migrate to /wws
  2. wscott44

    Use of WinPE

    Thank you for investigating this sort of option. Please hurry, one of your competitors already does it with a BartPE plug-in. /wws
  3. wscott44

    Retroclient suddenly cannot be started

    My OS is corrupted and I have to reinstall. This is where retrospect clients fall apart as a quick recovery method. Even if I had the main package installed on this system, I would not be able to create a disaster recovery CD because it asks to insert the Windows CD. Many manufacturers are getting away from supplying installation CDs. /wws
  4. wscott44

    Retroclient suddenly cannot be started

    I tried to update with the 7.6.107 client, which uninstalled the current one and then installed the new one... but then it could not start the service. So I had to hit the cancel button which left me with no client. I used restore points to get it back. I also used restore points to take the system back to 1-2 days before the problem occurred - did not help. I may have to try some things in safe mode. Thanks, /wws
  5. I have Retrospect Client 7.6.106 on each of 2 Toshiba Tecra WinXP SP3 laptops. They have been backed up fine for several months. On one, after installing Windows updates last week, the client fails to start during boot. When I open the client via Programs menu, all of the panels and options are grayed out - I cannot change a thing. When I try to start via system services, it stops immediately. All user accounts are set as administrators - I do have privileges. The event log has messages related to SideBySide source - sxs.dll. They say - Syntax error in manifest or policy file "C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect Client\retroclient.exe" on line 0. Generate Activation Context failed for C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect Client\retroclient.exe. Reference error message: The operation completed successfully. Please help; I am stuck and frustrated. Thanks, Wayne
  6. wscott44

    Upgrade to 7.5 from 7.0, snapshot problems

    If you are using the software compression option, turn that off and see if it helps. /wws
  7. wscott44

    Retrospect speed

    One of my machines was taking about 27 hours to do a full backup & compare. It was especially slow when it was working on the MP3 files - multi MB binary files. I had been using the software compression option, hoping to save space. When I turned that option off, the entire backup of ~46.5 GB on an 800 MHz PIII took just over 6 hours. I checked the logs for the specifics. 46.5 GB Backed up and compared ... With Compression :: target = Internal IDE drive :: 59 MB/minute :: 1 (day) 03:07:07 No Compression :: target = External USB drive :: 268 MB/min. :: 6:21:45 ================================================== On my faster machine - 2.4 GHz P4 / 1GB RAM - Incremental backups have been taking 90 minutes, with a majority of that time building snapshots. It was also having trouble backing up the registry (-1019 Not enough resources). 2/16/2008 5:41:38 AM: 112 execution errors Completed: 139 files, 361.0 MB, with 67% compression Performance: 318.5 MB/minute (360.9 copy, 288.7 compare) Duration: 01:37:16 (01:34:59 idle/loading/preparing) Tonight I changed the PagedPoolSize to FFFFFFFF according to the following article - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304101 - and then did a backup. The registry was backed up and the entire operation took just over 20 minutes. 2/16/2008 7:02:30 PM: 11 execution errors Completed: 388 files, 659.3 MB, with 49% compression Performance: 380.3 MB/minute (338.0 copy, 434.6 compare) Duration: 00:22:08 (00:18:40 idle/loading/preparing) ================================================== Both of these machines are running Windows 2000 Professional SP4. They also run Diskeeper, daily, so that there is little or no file fragmentation. Hope this helps someone else other than me. /wws
  8. FYI: I solved these problems. First I upgraded to Retrospect Pro 7.5 and applied updates, but still had problems. After running tools to clean up the registry, and freeing up space on the main drive, the registry was backed up with everything else. /wws
  9. Folks: I'm using Retrospect Pro 6.5.350 on Windows 2000 SP4. Frequently I get errors that the registry cannot be backed up. Most often, the following occurs... MapError: unknown Windows error 1,016 TReg::Save(C:\Temp\REG00000): failed, winerr 1016, error -1001 Can't back up registry, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error) Less often it's because of this one, which a reboot usually solves... Can't back up registry, error -1019 (not enough resources) Does anyone have a suggestion on how to debug these, especially the first one? Thank you, Wayne Scott
  10. John: I am asking the following because I have had a variety of USB problems with external drives and scanners on two different machines, which I solved with new USB cards and drivers... Are your USB ports on the motherboard or do you have a separate USB card? Is it USB 1.1 or 2.0? If it's a card, who is the manufacturer? Wayne Scott
  11. Hi Folks: The notes on the 7.5.320 update say that it fixes a problem with e-mail notification that occurs when SMTP information is not provided. My notification at the end of every backup WAS working fine until I installed this update. Now I get No Notification; and when I try to use the e-mail test operation under Preferences, the following is reported ... -541 backup client not installed or not running Way to go, EMC. Now what should I do to fix this problem? Thank you, Wayne Scott
  12. Folks: When I boot my Windows 2000 machine that has Retrospect Pro version 7.0.326, the retrorun.exe service does not always start. The system event log reports that the service failed to respond in 30000 milliseconds. I've set the recovery options tab so that upon failure, it tries to start again in 5 minutes. That is not solving the problem. When retrorun.exe does not start, the scheduled backups do not run. This PC has an 800MHz CPU. I have 2 other Windows 2000 PCs with Retrospect 6.5.350 - one is slower (400MHZ); one is faster (2.4GHz). The only one having this problem has Version 7.0.326. All are configured similarly with security software that puts a load on the system at boot time. Software includes Norton Internet Security; or Norton Anti-Virus + Personal Firewall; all have WebRoot SpySweeper (latest version & updates). What in the world could be interfering with the start of retrorun.exe Version 7.0.326? Any suggestions on how to correct it? Thank you, Wayne Scott
  13. Does anyone know the price of a 6.5 client disaster recovery license? I am using 6.5.350 and can backup clients over the network, but wanna create a disaster recovery CD. Have not been able to find pricing for client disaster recovery for either 6.5 or 7.0 yet. Thanks, Wayne Scott
  14. wscott44

    Is Grooming reliable?

    Hey Robert: I have no answers yet but have been wondering what to expect from version 7.0. I bought the upgrade last month and just installed it last night. Also downloaded and installed the latest update. Tonight I will schedule the first full backup. I think the experts would ask first - what version is installed? Lastest is 7.0.301. Are some systems backed up with the Retrospect Client? What versions of Windows are on this small network? You are using an external hard drive; is it in the compatibility list? http://www.dantz.com/en/support/compatibility_list_all.dtml In any case, the message, "could not create paging file" sounds weird to me. The Windows system paging files would already be there. Is there any chance you have a Promise ATA controller card in any system? The 7.0 README.html file discusses an old Promise file called Evian.sys that does caching; and it describes compatibility problems. *** I did a google search and found the following thread ... http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=57583 Looks like it will help. Wayne Scott
  15. Hi Folks: I deleted the config files as suggested in another thread. I am trying to rebuild a catalog; it failed with a checksum error again --> === + Retrospect version 6.5.343 Launched at 5/14/2004 9:07 AM + Retrospect Driver Update, version 4.9.101 + Executing Recatalog at 5/14/2004 9:09 AM To Backup Set Backup Set A... Backup Set format inconsistency (5 at 488952) Can't load Snapshot tree, error -641 (chunk checksum didn't match) 5/14/2004 9:24:35 AM: Execution incomplete Completed: 42507 files, 5.7 GB Performance: 402.4 MB/minute Duration: 00:14:55 (00:00:36 idle/loading/preparing) Quit at 5/14/2004 11:25 AM + Retrospect version 6.5.343 Launched at 5/14/2004 11:28 AM + Retrospect Driver Update, version 4.9.101 === Now I have deleted the *.rdi files and will try again. However, focusing on the device files got me to wondering -- I am backing up to a USB Drive; I replaced the CD-RW drive recently, though I cannot remember exactly when. Could such a hardware device change lead to this problem? It seems like a stretch, but I have to ask. Thanks, Wayne Scott