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    Retro conflict - boot dvd drive?

    I was getting errors with my LG drive, which BluRay and DVD, and was a second drive on my Win 7 machine. I got a new Liteon BD and DVD. Unfortunately, neither DVD or BD works. In going to the HP DVD Ram backup drive, I noticed very slow start times of Retrospec 7.7, iTunes and others. A reboot takes about 5 mintues. I found if I eject the disk, the programs come right up. I have to eject the disk at boot to have the machine come up normally. I do have Roxio Creator, this used to work with Retro. Not sure if the Liteon is conflicting, or the boot aspect of the current drive (disk is first, the DVD is the last in the series). Basically Retro is toast for any DVD removable storage. I am no going to a backup drive. Good product, tech support has gone to zero. 4 year old DVDs listed as supported. Per the conflict above, they told me "stop the Retro engine and see if the DVD works. If the DVD works, quit using the engine". Great advice, quit using your product.
  2. smackmick

    Scanning incomplete, error -1010 ( API request bad)

    I am also just getting this error. I turned off Norton real time protect of my drive I am trying to back up, and it seems to work. Otherwise I have the scan enabled. I have been getting a rash of errors on Windows 7. I have to open up the log and make sure it is backing it up. Locked range errors, permission errors. I never got this on 7.6 and XP. I recommended everyone send to Symantec the issue so we can get this one fixed.
  3. smackmick

    Roxio Easy Media conflict

    I have not been reading the threads as I have been happily running since uninstalling EM7. I went back to EZ CD Creator 5 which does work. I have not tried to overwrite a Retrospec disk yet, but at least these two will work together. I killed D2D completely through the task manager. Something else is running as I have Retrospec up, have the device info up, and insert a disk. Something in Roxio is still grabbing the disk and will not let go. Even as I watch Retrospec have the disk, the media is recognized as a Retro backup, I put it away and again check media, everything AOK. In the morning Roxio has got it again, the disk is out and I would have to put the disk away and go through the pain of getting Retrospec to recognize the disk. If you look at the CD settings there were Roxio D2D all over it, even without the process running. I tried in all settings to not have the selector come up when a disk is inserted, all settings were ignored. This is a Roxio issue. CDs have been around for a long time, and DVDs even more. You would think both companies would have better software. For the first time most of the XP software plays together fine, this is the first time in a long time I have had to uninstall due to a conflict.
  4. smackmick

    Roxio Easy Media conflict

    No, no, no. I am watching Retrospec running, I am watching the devices window. Nothing else is running but Retrospec!!!. I am watching the Retrospec screen when it goes pending. The screen keeps coming up asking me what I want to do with this disk (outside of Retrospec) . I have told it over and over to do nothing, and keep that setting. I have gone into the hardware configuration and told it to do nothing. Roxio crap is over everything, the drag and drop is in all the folders, it has corrupted all the normal settings. Every morning the disk gets kicked out, wanting a new disk. The night before I have confirmed the disk is just fine for backup from Retrospec. I just uninstalled Roxio EM7. Guess what, I brought up Retrospec and for the first time (afer loading EM7), it immediately saw the right disk and did not balk at doing the back up. Life is good again. Sorry, I have spent hours at this. Why is it the only info I get is from Retrospec, my forum and my support request have gone unaswered from Roxio. I think this is a very bad software release, and I would be very wary unless this is the only thing you have on your computer. I will request a full refund, and this is gone from my computer for a very long time. EM7 looks like a good addition, but it must play fair in the sandbox.
  5. smackmick

    Roxio Easy Media conflict

    Actually I am watching Retrospec as I insert the disk. Something else grabs it before Retrospec can react. I keep the backup on line all the time unless I want to cut something else, it needs to work unattended. Too bad Retrospec cannot write a normal header so the disk looks like it is used. Looking at the Roxio pages I think their new software may have problems. I also had Sonic from Dell, I killed that. This morning the disk was kicked out, so I will wait one more day. I guess you are only supposed to have one program at a time, but life does not work that way....
  6. smackmick

    Roxio Easy Media conflict

    There are serious issues here, Retrospec no longer acts normal. When I put in a new disk, the disk is reported locked by R. I usually have to try an eject, which then may mount it. Usually a blank window of the DVD drive comes up which I have to put away. Finally Retrospec can see the drive and mount it, but this is a pain and makes me paranoid. However, I did take an old Retrospec disk that no longer had a catalog. I could see it in Retrospec being a member. Then I took a small file and loaded it to d2d. No complaints, and the backup was toast. I did not get the new file, but the old Retrospec format was also gone. Anyone know of a way to recover a CD like this? Actually, one of the errors in the original backup was that the CD/DVD header could not be written to. I think Roxio is tying it up. I have d2d dead now, and I am thinking of uninstalling this software. No word from Roxio yet, I have a forum note up and also have filed a complaint with the support group.
  7. smackmick

    Roxio Easy Media conflict

    It is possible that somehow I managed to erase that disk, but I never had before. I had put a blank DVD in, and Retrospec tried to format it, it started, but then complained that someone else had the drive. I then killed d2d and Retrospec could go ahead. When R. restarted, it said it could not understand the disk format and started over. It seemed that d2d was grabbing the drive and autoformatting it. I will try again tonight as I restarted a full backup. All I know is that my backup for the last month is gone :=( I am also using EM7
  8. smackmick

    Roxio Easy Media conflict

    I just purchased the new Roxio Easy Media software. I wanted to be able to do some drag and drop to my DVD more easily. I guess the drag and drop has a feature that auto formats the new disk when it is inserted. Roxio does not understand the Retrospec format, so any backup in the drive gets erased. I am not sure what Retrospec can do about this. I am going to disable the auto load of this, or uninstall the package for a while. I have a note on the Roxio forum. So beware, if you load the software and reboot as they recommend, your backup is gone.
  9. smackmick

    CD-RW Panasonic CW-7121

    Mildly convoluted but it works: Do not let the Mac go to sleep or shutdown. Keep Retro alive and hide it. Not being able to use the drive while Retro is alive is not terrible. The first time I searched for the CW-7121 the screen I got said no support for Mac or Windows. I did not see the CW-7121 (Apple version) which does say it is supported. A little confusing but not bad. Thanks for the help.
  10. smackmick

    CD-RW Panasonic CW-7121

    The answer may be in the pop up Mac OX does when it sees a non-standard disk. For some reason, this seems to pop up after Restrospec runs. It seems after a while this window times out, the default being to eject the disk. Anyone know how to alter the time out or change the default?
  11. I upgraded my wife's iMac to MacOX to be able to run a decent backup. I am trying to use the internal CD-RW that came with the iMac (Panasonic CW-7121). I can do daily backups, but each night the CD ejects itself. I looked at the preferences, but the eject option is off. Rather annoying, and bad when we leave for vacation. Retrospect lists this drive as not supported, but this is Apple OEM. Any clues besides buying a decent drive?