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  1. OK, thanks for taking the time to help me. Have a good weekend.
  2. Thanks. I don't believe either CCC or Superduper can backup one extremely large disk TO across multiple disks. I could be wrong but I tried both.
  3. OK thanks. My need is to backup 21TB of data (about 100 folders). And then each day update the backup with the daily changes. What makes it difficult is the large size. I would be backing up 21TB of data (and the daily changes) from a 21TB Raid5 array (OSX). I would be backing it up to a duplicate array, containing 8 drives (same as the source array). I have the choice to make the destination array exactly the same (21TB in Raid5) or, as just 8 non-raid drives in the array as JBOD. Copying from 21TB raid to backup 21TB raid is simple. But what I think I want to do is NOT make the destination a RAID5, but rather just JBOD as 8 non-raid drives in the rack. My thinking is that I don't need the speed of Raid in the backups drives. And if something went bad it's easier to deal with backup drives that are just non-raid regular volumes. Question is can Retrospect backup the 21TB Raid (100 folders in one huge volume) over to 8 single drives. I think this is called Drive spanning.
  4. I'm new and looking at Retrospect for Mac. I need to backup the daily changes to an 8-drive 21TB Raid array each day. I have purchased a second duplicate array of drives for this to be stored in another building. I can set this duplicate array as JBOD and would like to backup the primary RAID array data to the JBOD array each day. Can retrospect do this? Can someone please tell me what Retrospect calls this so I can try it? Multiple Target backup or something? And second question, should I not set the BACKUP array to JBOD? Iinstead should I make the backup array Raid5 as well? My thinking was: Keep the Primary 21TB Raid5 array for all data, but back it up to a simple BACKUP array as large but that ISN'T raid, just a bunch of OSX drives for simplicity if I need to recover something. Thank you in advance.