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    Can't Restore the transferred files

    So what should I do now - Is recopying from the original source the only option ? Can recreating or rebuilding catalog file help me ?
  2. I copied a snapshot (Through Snapshot Transfer) on a tape which in it's half way demanded new member. I stopped the process. The log file said... - 13/9/2014 11:10:54 PM: Transferring from c.ACD 02 1001 TO 2000 c.ACD 02 1001 TO 2000 (7/6/2012 12:11 PM) - 14/9/2014 3:43:18 AM: Verifying TAD 01 Wave 1 to 1860 14/9/2014 6:59:13 AM: Execution stopped by operator Remaining: 3456 files, 105.0 GB Completed: 21984 files, 653.6 GB Performance: 2469.6 MB/minute Duration: 05:28:12 (00:57:13 idle/loading/preparing) Now I have got all the folders & files as they are in source tape (Only saying this for completed part & not remaining), but not able to restore any of them. The Log file for restore says... + Executing Restore from Backup at 14/9/2014 2:23 PM (Execution unit 1) To volume retro on New Volume (E:)... The selected Snapshot is no longer valid 14/9/2014 2:23:14 PM: Execution incomplete please suggest on how can I get the restore of the snapshot.
  3. Thanks a lot. I too solved the same problem.
  4. Anonymous editor

    How to get the list of files & folders ?

    Thanks. That was pretty helpful to me. The browser got exported to notepad which I can copy to excel to keep record.
  5. Anonymous editor

    MD5 Verification must or forgiveable ?

    ok Thanks. But to tell you that I have transfer backed up as many as 38 LTO 5 tapes; as expected I didn't receive a single error (when MD5 verification option was ON). So i put the verification option OFF for next 6 of the LTOs. It saved a lot off time for me (5 hours for 1400 GB < 8 hours for same). I restored some of the data - I didn't see any problem. What do you suggest ?
  6. Where can I get the names of files & folders in a backup set apart from what we see in configure > Backup set. I want to take all the file/folder names in excel. Is there any option in retrospect ?
  7. Anonymous editor

    MD5 Verification must or forgiveable ?

    Thanks for your reply Mr. JoTraGo. but as I said I have only Mov files which are big in size quite identical in size & type to each other. Meanwhile I have done 1 backup without MD5 verification in Transfer Backup process. It looks like there isn't any problem. It simply saves my time. But for those who have files of various types & of diff. sizes may find the verification process helpful/necessay/a must.
  8. What does the MD5 verification exactly do ? does it only check whether the file has been copied or not OR does it also check whether the file has been exactly copied or not ? We are copying LTOs thru Transfer set backup (All MOV files) in LTO 5; say around 90 files for 1400 GB each file being of 15-16 gb. So being only 90 files they can be counted easily. So can we say just by seeing memory status that the files hv been copied without any problem ? (i.e. when we have our verification option off) Do we need this MD5 verification at all ? Can anybody suggest ?
  9. Anonymous editor

    (Very) Slow restore

    Will updating from Retrospect 7.7 to Retrospect 9 help for us to improve speed any more ?
  10. Anonymous editor

    (Very) Slow restore

    I am having trouble with fluctuations in speeds of restores. (Tyrone highspeed server/ISCSI/Retrospect 7.7/LTO 5). If I restore locally I get 5000-7000mb/pm. But our work is on network where there is speed fluctuation. on occassions we get speed - 1500mb to 2000mb/pm. The situation stays for 3-4 days irrespective to any numbers of restores & after that we get speed - 5500 to 7000mb/pm (if not greater). But again after 3-4 days the speed lowers back to 1500-2000mb/pm. Not able to judge the reason.(all conditions are same on each occassion) Desparately need help.