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  1. I may be on to something! I connected the Retrospect server and the Windows 2012 client server to the same switch and my test folder is now matching as expected. I'm doing a bigger data set now, a folder that contains 2.8TB. So perhaps the issue was network related. Incidentally, the larger folder has a ton of duplicate data in it - for example it has a "Laptop backup Nov. 2015" folder, and a "Laptop Backup Jan. 2016" folder that are almost identical. How will Retrospect matching handle that if they are both backed up in the initial backup job, under the same source? Is there any data to match against for that initial run or will it copy and consume all the data from both nearly identical folders.
  2. No the directory doesn't have any changing data. It's just a directory of photos saved from my iPhone early last year. The files aren't changing - if something is changing it is block info related to windows dedupe. I'm using this directory as an example, because the server volume is 12TB and it doesn't match any of it - my backup media set is now up to 40TB because of this problem. I backed up once, on retrospect version 11, then ran the script a 2nd time, and it seemed to backup everything again, so I upgraded to version 12.5 (and upgraded the windows client) and ran it a third time, and everything backed up yet again... so I started testing with this single directory until I get it straightened out.
  3. I have Retrospect 12.5 Mac server backing up a Windows 2012 R2 client that uses Windows data deduplication. When I backup a directory containing 200GB, each time I launch the script that directory gets backed up all over again. My matching settings are turned on in the script - and all other sources in the script match just fine, it's only the windows 2012 r2 client that has the windows data deduplication feature running where the matching doesn't work as expected.
  4. Nope. Didn't realize the KB was referring to an add-on. That's probably my issue then. Thanks.
  5. How would I do the steps outlined in this KB (http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/windows-server-2012-data-deduplication) on my Mac server running retrospect 11? I am running into this exact problem, trying to backup the C:\ of a Windows 2012 R2 server that has data deduplication on it's D:\ - but the 'secret preferences' on the mac version of Retrospect don't have the "Open File Backup" or "Excluded Writer List" - or I'm just missing it. I am able to backup the volume that has deduplication just fine - but the boot volume (as described in the KB) is the one that retrospect generates a huge snapshot. Can somebody explain to me how I can fix this? Server: OS: Mac OS X Server (10.6.8) HW: Mac Pro 2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon RAM: 20GB Retrospect Server Version: 11.0.1 (110) Client: OS: Windows 2012 R2 HW: 2 x 2.7 GHz Quad-Core AMD Opteron 2384 RAM: 64GB Retrospect Client Version: 9.0.0 (187)