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  1. Hi Lennart,

    I already changed the HBA from Adaptec 1405 to LSI SAS9207-8i due to the same problem before.

    At the beginning, it worked quite well, but now, the error occured again, it's completely random, but in average 20 Min. after backup start.

    Firmwares of tape and card are the newest ones.

    Unfortunately, due to Windows 10 updates (ver 1803), there might be some impact I read here in the forum. Can this be a cause for the problem? Because I use Retrospect 12, not 15, but I am not backing up any Win10 system files, only archiving local files from a local HDD currently not in use.
    I have a pool of local HDDs organized logically in Drive Pool, but this have never caused trouble before.

    I will try a change of cables.

    Thanks a lot for the answer.


  2. Hi,

    I am having trouble when running a backup from internal HDD (Drivepool) to an LTO-6 tape with Windows 10 1803 and Retrospect 12: 

    The backup exits randomly with error 102: Trouble communicating.
    I have an SAS-card LSI SAS9207-8i HBA (It-Mode) with a Tandberg LTO6-HH tape. 

    Any suggestions for the root cause of this error?
    I already tried the following:

    • Switched PCIe-Port on Mainboard
    • Changed port of tape device at SAS-cable


    Kind regards,

  3. Hi,I own Retrospect 10 (Windows) and have a special question, for which I could not find an answer in the manual:


    I'd like to create a sequenced backup:


    1.) From a huge logical drive A:\ (one volume, consisting of several HDD) to a small but fast SSD B:\.

    2.) From there, I'd like to archive (move the data) to a tape.


    Now my question is: How can I perform the first step, such that the SSD B:\ is filled to the brim, but without the program asking for a new medium?


    Afterwards, the archiving to tape should start. After this is done, the SSD should again be filled to the brim with other files from the big logical drive that have not been archived yet.


    I do not want to manually select files that fit the SSD and have not been archived, as changed files on A:\ should also be archived to the tape by using the intermittent SSD.Maybe I can use each SSD filling as a segment in the first backup set?


    Best regards,Andreas

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  4. Okay, I try to describe it more detailed. Just forget the terms Disk0, Disk1.


    I have a bunch of 10 external USB 3.0 HDDs, each having 2 TB. They are plugged in separately into the backup PC that is running Retrospect 8.5 Win.

    I want to backup these external drives to tape using Retrospect's D2D2T functionality, using the built in Raid 0 array as a "buffer". 

    So the workflow is as follows:

    1. Plug in USB drive
    2. Progressive backup of USB drive to Raid0 (backup set 1). 
    3. Copy snapshots of "backup set 1" to tapes (backup set 2).
    4. Return to 1.

    After a full backup is done, I only want to backup incrementally from USB drives to Raid0 and then copy/archive the increments from raid0 to tape. 

    The only reason I use the Raid0 array in the middle is to prevent emptying the buffer of the LTO drive.

    I do not need the data on it to restore, but i need the catalog file of backup set 2 with the snapshots and increments (on tape) to restore.

  5. You can continue to do full backup of half disk0 to disk1 and the progressive to tape. That will work fine, except you will put a huge load on disk0 when doing the full backup (of half the content) each time.

    What do you mean by half disk0? 

    Disk 1 (Raid0) should just be used as a buffering drive. It only has space for 2/10 external source HDDs. I just want to restore from tape and once I did a full backup of the source drives, I'd like to do incremental backups to the tape. The external HDDs are offline most of the time. 

  6. Hello Lennart, 

    thank you for answering. I use Disk 1 in order to prevent performance problems with the tape drive (shoe shining). Sometimes, the data from the external drives is not provided fast enough for the tape drive. 

    So it's not possible to do a progressive backup from Disk0 to Tape with a retention drive (Disk 1)?

  7. Hello, this is my first post, maybe you can help me.

    I own Retrospect 8.5 and want to configure a Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape backup as follows:


    • Source Disk0 is a set of 10 external 2TB HDDs
    • Disk1 is a Raid 0 array with 4TB
    • Destination is an LTO-5 drive

    I have 2 catalogs, one for each process.

    1. First process is to backup all source disks to Raid 0. The catalog file shall contain all files on my source disks and whenever something changes, it should do incremental backup to the Raid array. 
    2. Second process is a transfer snapshots to tape process.

    Now I do the following: Start the backup, write 4 TB from 2 ext. disks to Raid0. When it's filled, I start transfer to tape (2nd process).

    After the data is transferred to tape (2nd process), I'd like to free all the space on the raid in order to backup the next 2 external source disks, but keep the information in the catalog file in order to do incremental backups later.

    Grooming does not allow me to do this, because it wants to keep at least one backup on the raid disk, so it does not delete anything. 


    It would be great if anyone could help me.


    Best regards,