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    Multiple Drive Use

    After trying numerous ways to eject the disk and not succeeding, I shut down the server, swapped the drive and booted. Backups are working to the new drive.
  2. First I apologize if this question has been asked and answered in a previous post. I did not find what I was looking for when searching the forums. I have inherited a Retrospect 7.6 environment running on windows server 2008 single server backup environment. I am a novice Retrospect user/admin. The backups are running as expected. One of the backup drives is suppose to be a part of a 3 disk set that will allow me to rotate the drives to a remote site for safe keeping. I am trying to swap the current attached drive for the oldest in the set so that I can rotate more recent backup offsite. I cannot eject the usb drive. The system usb eject says the drive is in use. I tried going into Retrospect selecting "Configure -> Volumes", highlight drive and right click. The "Eject" option is grayed out. How do I rotate out the drive for another? Please let me know if any additional information is needed. Thanks.