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    Verifying backups on B2

    I have a script that verifies my local backup sets monthly. I have an offsite set stored on B2. I know downloading costs but I also know that sinking feeling of finding out a backup is corrupted only after needing it. Simple question...Do I need to verify backup sets on B2 or am I just wasting time & money?
  2. This may be a stupid question but I'm new to Windows Server.... I purchased Retrospect (Server version) and got on the server thru remote desktop, installed it, set up everything and logged off. Nothing ran without me being logged in thru RDP. So I disabled the timeout on RDP and am just leaving it connected. Works but it just seems like there has to be a way to have it run without being connected. Any help for a server newbie? Thanks
  3. On 10.5, when running a Duplicate job, I would get one e-mail at the end telling me which files didn't copy. On 11, a separate e-mail comes in each time a copy fails so I need to go through a bunch of e-mails instead of one. Is there a setting to give me one complete report by e-mail once the job completes?
  4. James Harris

    Compare Errors

    No, I have Block level turned off. These are just mp3's files, so they are pretty small files. I'm backing up my entire Users directory but it is always mp3's that fail to compare. I am using Win 7 64 bit ultimate fully patched, 8 gig of RAM on dell xps 8300. Retrospect is also latest 9.0.1 (110). And it is happening both in Backups and Duplications Here's an example + Duplicate using Duplicate Brad at 5/27/2014 10:00 PM To volume Duplication of Brad on FantomHD (N:)... - 5/27/2014 10:00:26 PM: Copying Brad on Local Disk (C:) Using Instant Scan File "C:\Users\Brad\AppData\Local\Microsoft\SkyDrive\logs\SkyDrive.exe.reg.2014-05-26-072101.471.log": appears incomplete File "C:\Users\Brad\AppData\Local\Xmarks\xmarks.log": appears incomplete File "C:\Users\Brad\AppData\Roaming\CrashPlan\log\ui.log.0": appears incomplete 5/27/2014 10:22:24 PM: Comparing Duplication of Brad on FantomHD (N:) File "C:\Users\Brad\ITunes\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Alabama\1993 - Cheap Seats (320 kbps)\04 - On This Side Of The Moon.mp3": didn't compare File "C:\Users\Brad\ITunes\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Bon Jovi\Have A Nice Day\04-bon_jovi_-_who_says_you_cant_go_home-msc.mp3": didn't compare File "C:\Users\Brad\ITunes\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Boston\Third Stage\05 My Destination.mp3": didn't compare 5/27/2014 10:38:37 PM: 3 execution errors Completed: 10666 files, 25.8 GB Performance: 1499.7 MB/minute (1395.2 copy, 1624.3 compare) Duration: 00:38:11 (00:02:37 idle/loading/preparing) 5/27/2014 10:38:38 PM: Script "Duplicate Brad" completed with 3 errors I've been using Retrospect for about 6 years. I have seen backup sets get messed up every now and then but never duplications. They have always been rock solid.
  5. James Harris

    Compare Errors

    Since going to 9, I get file compare errors on just about every backup that I do, Any ideas on how to fix this? File "C:\Users\Brad\ITunes\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Heart\Dog and Butterfly\7 Nada One.mp3": didn't compare