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  1. Because we keep having these problems, we haven't attempted it in awhile - we will attempt a backup again and get the error code to you in the next couple of days. We're trying to backup files using a virtual machine with an iSCSI device (Synology) attached to it.
  2. We cannot transfer our EXT3 files (of which there are millions) to tape, they have to be backed up to Amazon. My boss asked if anyone looked into the Retrospect chatrooms to see if there had been similar scenarios - our Retrospect is Retrospect 7 - we have a few million small files that we want to completely transfer to our HP LTO 5 jukebox with 16 tapes - the software isn't allowing us to copy all of our data, only 7 tapes worth and the rest won't copy over - the question that I was tasked with asking the forums / chatrooms was: "Do other people have problems copying data in this way with Retrospect 7"?