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    App never connects

    ShieldsUp at grc.com confirms that I've got TCP port 22024 open, and Console on my Mac Server reports com.retrospect.RetroEngine saying "dag service: client connected" and then "dag service: client disconnected". This pair of messages repeats once per second. The iPhone app alternates between 'connecting...' and 'Disconnected'. Kinda bummed that I can't get it working. Not sure what to try next. Any advice?
  2. Hi Folks, I'm running Retrospect Professional v6 on a Win95b machine. However, i'm unable to 'see' clients in the Configure > Clients window. Clients include 95, 98, XP Pro, and MacOS X. The server is on a small UTP ethernet LAN with one NetGear switch. A strange error message about networking not being installed correctly was given on the server. The wording of the error is as follows: "Sorry, client networking is unavailable. Please check your computers TCP/IP settings in the network control panel." This appears when clicking 'Add...' in the Configure > Clients area. I dismissed it, because I was able to ping all of the clients that I wanted to back up. I found a reference to this type of issue in the manual, but it blamed networking hardware. Can anyone offer some tips to resolve this issue? Is it simply a imitation of running 6 Pro under 95b?