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    Setup Guide?

    Hi Is there a set up guide for the new app please? My server is sitting behind our Cisco 1900 series router and firewall How do I connect through this thanks martin
  2. Thanks very much for your help You have summed up my criteria perfectly We have now moved to Exchange Server and do not need to back up the email regularly as our ISP is now doing this I will try this next week when I start my new regime Thanks again
  3. Hi everyone Can someone help me please I want to back up laptop users on my Retrospect Server 6.1 I want to back up their documents folder everyday when they are in the office. However, I only want to back up their Microsoft User Data once a month As they are roaming users, I am never quite sure when they will be in to get their Microsoft User Data backed up On My Windows Retrospect Server, I use Proactive backup to do this On My Mac Server I am trying to do this with the selection criteria - I am not sure what to do Can someone help point me in the right direction to create a script to do this thanks martin