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  1. SteveS801

    Not recognizing drives

    Haven't heard from you in a few days. Did you get notice of my response? I quoted my original post where I did say what you said I did not. I uploaded a screenshot containing both windows you requested.
  2. SteveS801

    Not recognizing drives

    Have you read my original post? Was it in any way confusing to you?
  3. SteveS801

    Not recognizing drives

    Ok, I see it. I must have been looking under Devices instead, now that I follow your directions. This solves the issue of maybe backing up from the Passport, but it still does not help me get the backups to the Passport. Any idea on how I might work with these discs from this point?
  4. SteveS801

    Not recognizing drives

    Yes, the drive is fully accessible. Ver 9.0.0 (189).
  5. SteveS801

    Not recognizing drives

    Thanks, Scillonian for the response. I know where the list of supported drives is, I mentioned that neither my DVD drive nor my WD is on that list. I suppose I may not have mentioned that Retro does not recognize either drive, which may be why you think that, "Other drives may work to a lesser of greater extent." I don't know whether the CDs are good or not and I can't make that determination unless I get the software to read the discs and first, I need the software to recognize the drive.
  6. SteveS801

    Not recognizing drives

    Over 10 years ago (when Retro was fresh), I made some backups of my computers. I still have the CDs with the backups and I would like to restore them. I installed Retrospect 9, and I had thought it was not recognizing the disc. This was to be a post about how to get Retro to restore from backups made with older versions, it is now a post about how to get Retro to become aware that the hardware even exists. I am using an HP G7 laptop with DVD drive. The drive appears to be an HP DVDRAM GT80N on a SATA connection. When Googling the model number, it may be manufactured by LG (they have a drive with the same model number, description and features) instead of or for HP. I also have a WD Passport connected via USB3, but Retrospect does not even support any WD drives at all. Not one. I don't know if there is anything wrong with the discs, probably because they are in a RAW format, so Windows knows nothing about them. They have 0 used space and 0 usable space. Even if Retro recognized my WD, I could not transfer anything to the drive and I cannot transfer anything to my Hitachi internal drive which came from HP. Any help would be appreciated greatly, thanks.