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    Is retrospect 'Fragile'???

    Retrospect's fragility has become so problematic, I am seriously considering tossing our investment in the program. Say what you want about ASIP. For two years straight, my ASIP server has been nothing but reliable and my 4.3 backup solution worked flawlessly as well. Change tape. Program keeps on running. With the advent of 5.0, I cannot get a good backup. near $3000 spent and the best dantz can tell me is sorry we don't support ASIP anymore. It's Apple's fault. Make a driver kit for an AIT-2 drive for 4.3. I need customer support. I get two instances. With a set up that fails every night. I have changed out my switches, rebuilt my server, set up a routing box... and guess what. Nothing works. Presales support call to dantz: Sure, 5.0 and an AIT-2 drive will work fine with your set up. Just install right over it. Postsales support call to dantz: There's note on our website about 5.0 and ASIP. Thanks. Thanks a lot.