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  1. Thanks David. As soon as I look into it all I'll get back to you. I appreciate the detailed response. Randy
  2. Hello, I've done a few backups to the cloud and it looks like it's running smoothly. I'd like to create new backup set and have a couple questions. First, here's what I want to do. I'd like to create a cloud backup that will go back to all the new files in the last 2 weeks. So at the start, I'd have 2 weeks of files and then each day thereafter it would backup any new or altered files for the last 2 weeks. At some point this would become a large backup so I'd also like to set it so every 2 months it starts over with a fresh set of "the past 2 weeks". This is for emergency backup only. I do have a backup that has all of our files but it is very large and in an emergency it wouldn't be prudent to retrieve the entire backup as about 80% of it, while still in use, I have offsite that I can easily get. Mac OS 10.7.5 Retrospect v.13 Any help would be appreciated. Randy