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  1. I need advice for deleting files from a backup: Today I was wondering why my backup disk is full just after a few days. Seemed that several files from a network recycle bin had been backed up and messed up the whole backup disk. Now I want to free up this space, but I didn't found a way to clear these files from the last backup (or maybe delete the last backup?). The manual wasn't helpful yet either .. How can I delete files without clearing the whole disk? Thanks for any help! Susanne PS: We're using Retrospect 15.6 on a (old) Mac OS 10.6.8
  2. I was afraid you might say that ... Anyway, thank your for your response.
  3. Hm, the latest running Retrospect was 6.1.230 It's quite possible these backups were initially created by a Retrospect Version prior to 6 ... however I'm afraid this can't be reconstructed completely.
  4. Hi, i'm using Retrospect 10.5 on a Mac 10.6.8 Server. The current backups and restoring are working fine. Our former backups were built with Retrospect 6 under Mac OS 10.4. Now I tried to restore some files from these old media sets but didn't succeed. The README file said: "Before it’s possible to search or restore from a 6.x Backup Set using Retrospect 10 for Mac, a Retrospect 10 Catalog must first be created. To create a version 10 Catalog from the 6.x media, go to the Media Sets view in Retrospect 10 for Mac, click on the Rebuild button in the toolbar, add the Backup Set members (like “1-Backup Set A” and “2-Backup Set A”) that contain the backup data, click Next, and then click Rebuild. You will need to tell Retrospect where to save the new Catalog. Retrospect will then scan over the backup media and generate a new Catalog. This will take some time. Once this process completes, you will be able to restore from that Backup Set." I tried to follow these instructions but it fails - adding a member doesn't show any result and no new catalogue is created. Any hints or ideas what to do? If additional info is required, please let me know. Thanks!