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  1. Does anyone know what "All Files Except Cached Files" actually does in the script menu? Cheers Martin
  2. Our back ups have ground to a halt as the scripts just keep saying waiting for media. Both drives in the media set are nearly full (24tb), grooming doesn't seem to do what it is meant to do. Run it twice now taking almost 15 days and it groomed precisely nothing! We have another 12TB disk we could add to the media set, would this help? How do you add to a media set? Cheers
  3. Orchard Post

    Lost members in media set

    Tried rebuilding the media set and it crashed adding back one of the members... Crashes every time... Is it just me... Or should back up software be a little more reliable than this???
  4. We had a power cut at work and now no members are shown in the media set. How do we get them back?
  5. I have reinstalled it thank you. Still none the wiser why Retrospect can't run for more than a few months. Had no reply from your support since I sent the console and all logs. To be honest by the time anyone bothers getting back to you, I have usually had to take matter in to my own hands! Which usually means completely starting all over again, spending days in limbo risking huge date loss!!! You can't say things like "Oh yeah we know there was an issue with that version, but if you pay more to upgrade to the new version we have fixed it". Upgrade to new version.... Oh wait still doesn't work!!!! And the support is still completely useless, never able to fix the issues that arise.
  6. Guess nobody works at the weekend! Glad I only have complete retrospect failures on weekdays between 9-6!!!!!!
  7. I have completely uninstalled retrospect to see if I can clean install it. Where can I get the download from? Let's see how many days until this gets a reply...
  8. I replied to your support guys 2hrs ago, have I not been clear on how pressing an issue this is???? We cannot afford to leave our machines unprotected and this piece of crap software just doesn't work!
  9. We are running server 10.5.0 by the way....
  10. Thanks Dunagen, but what exactly am contacting support about? I have blanked both drives of data and started again.... Yet again! We don't have time to wait for a reply that never comes! Or to be honest here in the UK you get through to a call centre where they barely speak English! We are looking at other back up options now, as I said it's pretty appalling that the software does't work consistently. By asking your customers to stump up more cash for a version that actually works just isn't good enough!!!
  11. I have tried and it doesn't seem to get the data on the back up drives. Is it usual for Retrospect to just stop working? It literally happens every 6 months or so! The support is terrible and why should you pay extra just to get the product to work. That almost encourages you to make bad software!
  12. Did all that, no catalogue file in media set.... So I have to rebuild the set? It says "this is an existing media set. Do you want to replace it " I really don't want to lose all the back ups!
  13. How do I get our licence code?
  14. Its asking for license code now and I can't find our original email!