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    removing backup set members

    I have this same issue. I have a Backup Set named INDYNAS10 and in this backup set are two members 1-INDYNAS10 on Backups and 2-INDYNAS10 on Backups (INDYNAS10 is a NAS device and these members are both using the same drive and folder structure except for the final folder name which matches the 1- and 2- member names) It is my desire to remove the member 1-INDYNAS10 on Backups from the backup set and subsequently remove the folder on the NAS and free up the space. Actually the folder 1-INDYNAS10 has already been removed but Retrospect does not recognize this fact and causes errors when processes run. So, how can a Member of a backup set be removed? Does a new backup set have to be created and all the scripts edited to point to this new backup set? TIA Rob
  2. robwaybro

    Cannot Authenticate to SQL server

    Maybe a silly question but I just want to make sure I understand. The compatibility module should be installed on the Retrospect server or the MSSQL server?