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  1. Nigel Smith

    Curious (spurious?) verify error?

    Stupid question but, given the lack of column headers, one that I need to ask -- in the backup set screenshot, is that the file modification date that's listed or the backup date?
  2. Nigel Smith

    Chipset Driver update broke Retrospect

    Different folders, but still using an external drive? Or different folders on the system drive? Just trying to eliminate USB from the equation. Also, soon after my last post I got an announcement about RSv17 -- so you could grab the trial and try that.
  3. Nigel Smith

    Chipset Driver update broke Retrospect

    You don't say what version of Retrospect you are running, nor Windows. Are they the latest of both? Are you backing up from/to USB devices? Take those out of the testing by using RS to back up a small folder on your system disk to a new disk set on the same drive. More data == better bug report == more chance of a quick fix.
  4. Obviously it'll miss anything not in those paths. Most users will be covered by these "defaults", those who aren't (eg people using Homebrew to install *nix utilities in /usr/local) should know enough to not get caught out. Catalina has made it very difficult to "accidentally" save files in weird, random, places (though my users still try!). So your backups will be fine for recovery as long as you (and your applications) are following Apple's guidelines. And you only need to back up Preboot if you want to do a bare-metal restore without having to fresh-install the OS (eg you have no, very slow, or expensive Internet access and no USB installer). Using CCC for BM-DR is a good idea. Using CCC and RS is probably even better -- restore your last CCC backup then use RS to overlay that with more-recently changed files. Best of both worlds!
  5. Nigel Smith

    Retrospect 16 for Mac OSX Catalina

    In no particular order: .TemporaryItems directory is... temporary. No need to back up, no need to worry about the errors. "folder.501" implies it came from something you were doing (501 is the ID of the first-created "real" user account on your Mac, Retrospect runs as root and would create "folder.0"), possibly a result of moving the data to the volume, more likely due to currently running processes. I see a bunch of cache files which aren't being picked up by the "All except cache files" filter -- you didn't want to back these up anyway, so no worries there. Otherwise you've got some database and plist changes, which looks(as with the above) more like the files were in use at the time than anything else.
  6. Yep -- that's a pressing need (I'm dealing with similar at the moment, and have had to use the same AFP work-round). Shouldn't need much, if any. Volumes definitions, direct mounting, etc, can be be done on the RS server without impacting the Synology. I'd hoped your aggregated link would be resilient enough that you could simply re-route one cable to the trashcan instead of the switch and then change the network settings, but I've just done a quick test and it looks like you can't just remove a NIC from the LACP bond -- you'll have to delete the Bond then re-create it with three NICs. Maybe 5 minutes of downtime. Did you start new media sets when you upgraded? If so, it could be that the "old" system was skipping already backed-up files which the new system is now trying to first-time access -- only there's a problem on the Synology. Have you run Data Scrubbing (Storage Manager->Storage Pool->Data Scrubbing) lately? I'd be happier doing that after a complete, successful, backup, but needs must when the devil drives...
  7. Stop the movie, then right-arrow to forward frame-by-frame, left-arrow for backwards -- works for QT Player anyway, don't know about VLC.
  8. Nigel Smith

    Groom only "older" files?

    You sure? If I lose my SO's photo archive[1], I'll be "audited" very severely... [1] Yes, it'll be my fault that she didn't read the "Are you sure you want to delete all these photos?" dialog before clicking "OK".
  9. Done. If anyone wants to see the problem, zipped screen recording attached. If you step frame-by-frame from just past halfway you'll see the switch. Screen Recording 2020-02-24 at 12.59.02.zip
  10. No help, but can confirm -- upgrading clean Mojave/RS16 install to Catalina gave me the same icon problem. Icon 3 in /Library/Application\ Support/Retrospect/RetrospectEngine.app/Contents/Resources/app.icns is: ...although, stupidly, I forgot to check before I upgraded the OS. Edit to add: Interestingly(?) a fresh-install Catalina client has the correct icons in System Prefs->Privacy->Full Disk Access, but the banjaxed ones in System Prefs->Privacy->Files and Folders where the icons appear to be smaller.
  11. So it's the Synology that's "shutting down", and not the Mac. Quite a useful data point! Still sounds like a network problem -- AFP is a lot more resilient than Retrospect, and can retry/recover from a network flutter when RS will just say "Nope, server's gone", because the OS-recovered connection will often be named differently in /Volumes. Try manually mounting the share on the Mac (rather than adding it to RS as a server and letting RS login) and backing up as a local volume. And as David suggests, unless you have a pressing need for AFP, try using SMB. Also try taking the switch and aggregation out of the equation by running a single direct connection from Synology to trashcan. I'd do this as disk-based backups, so as not to waste time/tape -- maybe also by creating a small-sized "Favourite" on the Synology to save time, then expanding the backup to a full share, then all the shares... Basically, start as simple as possible and see if it works -- then add complexity until it breaks!
  12. Nigel Smith

    File compare problem

    I know that soft links are treated differently -- with SMB1 they are resolved by the client, with SMB2+ by the server, and I remember various warnings in our old Isilon docs about unpredictable behaviour when using them with SMB1 clients. Assuming hard links are treated similarly, it looks like you've nailed it. Would still be interesting to know why things are handled differently in the read and verify phases but, at this point, it may be better to leave it working well and not look too hard at why, just in case...
  13. Since I'm in testing mode with the latest RS... I've just backed up a latest-DSM share over AFP, so it's possible. That you are seeing scanning start (and no "Retrospect has detected it is not listed under "Full Disk Access") suggests that FDA is enabled. That RS then cannot find the files it has scanned to then back them up suggests a network disconnect between those two phases -- possibly triggered by whatever is throwing the shutdown alert, though it could be that the alert is the result of the disconnect. What's the actual alert text? Is your test a manual run, rather than sitting waiting to watch the out-of-hours schedule? What else is the trashcan doing? Any task or power scheduling on the Mac or Synology? Any non-default options/preferences in your script or RS server?
  14. Nigel Smith

    Retrospect 16 for Mac OSX Catalina

    This is almost my situation, but with a fibre channel ADIC library with LTO-2! Yes, it's the SANLink that causes the problem, and I see it a lot -- as in almost every tape. I can put up with it because I'm still recycling through old tapes and so lose little when it happens, but I'd be looking for other solutions if I was using new LTO-6s... Note that I haven't updated Mac OS or the to the latest SANLink drivers, preferring a working backup solution with tolerable problems to a potentially fubared situation! If you've updated you may have better results than me. Clean install onto a test machine of the RS16 trial was totally hassle free. Once I'm happy with my tests I'll be trying the upgrade of the old system (which will then be moved to new hardware), so thanks for the warnings -- though, to be honest, it could be ten times worse than you describe and still be less hassle than meeting our purchasing compliance rules to buy the software in the first place!
  15. Nigel Smith

    File compare problem

    Well, I think we've checked all the obvious things -- if nothing else, you've a bunch of answers ready for a Support ticket 😉 I agree that it's really annoying that what worked in v12 is failing in v16, and maybe they can quickly work out why. Personally, I'd be confident about the backup. You've proven to yourself that at least some of the "didn't compare" files are, in fact, identical in terms of data. While the only way to be almost sure is to restore and manually compare every single one, a reasonable random sample should be enough to quell any disquiet. But Retrospect themselves say that the Verify step is optional, and tell you to turn if off for Cloud backups. So the main problem at the moment (since you can ignore those annoying error messages by not logging them!) is that the failed compare step means the files will be backed up over and over again even though they haven't changed. Either put up with the wasted resources or turn off the Verify step, problem solved...