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  1. I don't need or want to backup the whole drive, thats unnecessary, I have a clones system drive for emergencies. I only want to back up images from Lightroom and Photoshop, nothing else. These images are not all over the place, they are in specific folders on the drive. Is this possible in retrospect at all, it sounds as if I need a different kind of backup application. Thanks for you advice so far, very appreciated.
  2. I want to back up photo images edited in Photoshop and Lightroom, I have a good few thousand images in many different folders. I am trying the trial version and cant get it working, and I cant understand the terminology used. I watched some videos, but they obviously gloss over the details. Is there a facility to set up which folders to back up and then run this manually when needed so that my choices are remembered? I thought backups were all performed incrementally, only new files would be backed up but this doesn't happen, it deletes previous files and only copies some of the new ones., or after Retrospect running for a few hours, nothing is backed up. What I do currently is drag and drop the folders using Finder and copy everything over each week, its reliable, slow and inefficient. Any advice what I should do?
  3. Lennart Thanks, I will try the server application and watch the videos.
  4. Lennart. Thanks I will play this back when I try out the application today Daniels. Excellent description thank you. prl. I have just one Mac to backup, a lot of files created over ten years, do I use server or client to do this, what the difference?
  5. I am a photographer with thousands of images. I have been backing up for many years by just dragging folders to a second drive. I want to try Retrospect but I am totally confused by the manuals and help files. With terminology such as server, client, engine, licence which is meaningless to me, I dont have a diploma in computer science. I am stuck as I cant use it. I have a single Mac I want to back up, can I get some advice on how to use this confusing application,