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  1. I see version 9.0 has now been released but can't find this specific issue on the list of fixes so just thought I'd ask, does version 9.0 address this bug? Thanks
  2. Just wanted to say thanks to the support team who have confirmed this as a bug and are looking to get it patched.
  3. Thanks for the reply, we're using the SATA interface and Power Management was one area I did investigate during my fault-finding as it seems to be a 'break' between communications of Retrospect and the drive. But none of the Power Management settings were relevant. Also, the link to the drive seems to be lost as soon as you close Retrospect which rules out Power Management, I have to leave Retrospect open and minimised to maintain the link.
  4. Environment: DELL PowerEdge T110 II Windows Server 2008 Standard Retrospect 8.5.0 (136) Single Server OEM DELL RD1000 Issue: Since installation we've been having problems with Retrospect returning a "Waiting for Media" message when scheduled backup jobs run over night. We're using 5 tapes on a Recycle Backup scheme, I have each tape added as a member of a corresponding Backup Set (Monday A, Tuesday A, Wednesday A etc) We've recreated the backup numerous times using the Retrospect wizard and manually and we always get the same result. If we set the Media Timeout in the options the job will just cancel after the set time. Also, when clicking the 'Check Media' button on the verify job screen, it reports that the media is unavailable even though it's sat in the drive waiting. Having struggled with this for a week or so I believe it to be a bug in the software, as a workaround to this issue is to do the following: Before the backup job runs, click "Devices" under "Configure" and wait for a few seconds for the RD1000 drive to appear in the window, once it does, close down the Devices window and the backup job will run fine, also 'Check Media' reports the tape as being ready. I then have to leave Retrospect open but minimised as closing Retrospect down seems to break the link to the RD1000 drive again (meaning you have to go back in and do the above) While this workaround is OK it means every Sunday when the Server updates and reboots I have to remember on the Monday to log in, open Retropsect and do the above, then leave it running minimised.