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  1. I am receiving this error when I am backing up our home directory to Tape. Running 11.5 for windows. Server is an HP DL350 Gen5, Windows Server 2008 Standard, 4GB RAM, 1TB drive. It happens at random intervals. Sometimes it will backup the directory with no problems, other times it will not backup at all, failing with the -625 error at the scanning stage. Other times it will error out in the middle of the backup run. I have used the resource monitor and physically watched the backup and the used memory never gets about 50%. I have increased the page file size, not much change. The OS is a 32-bit version and will only recognize the 4GB I have installed. Is it possible that it trying to use cache memory and running out? I'm chasing this around and it did not happen with the older version (7.7)that we were running on this same server. Any ideas? (I'm already pushing for a new server with 64-bit OS and lots of RAM). Thanks.
  2. Still no concrete answer to this? I get this error message every time I run a script on my Home folders with a new tape backup set. After the first run on the new set, I no longer get this message.
  3. I am having this same problem. I get the " necoIncoming: empty stream packet, tid 32" error, causing the script to run for hours longer than normal. Has anyone efffectively solved this problem? I'm using Retrospect 7.7.620 on Windows Server 2008 Standard.