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  1. My retrospect clients are flawed by this annoying behaviour too. It isn't a cosmetic flaw. Retrospect is spamming my clients system logs making logs difficult to manage.
  2. Amazon has a Cloud Drive with unlimited space with a very affordable price. It would be nice that Retrospect supports backup to Amazon Cloud Drive.
  3. Hi, Is posible to backup a Windows 10 client running latest client software with Mac Retrospect 10.5 ? regards xavier
  4. Nice to know that this works in 9.x, version 8.x never worked ejecting disc. Thank you prl for your answer.
  5. Hi all, In retrospect 8.x there was an option to eject discs when script excution is complete, but never worked for me. Anybody know if this option is working in Retrospect 9.x ? regards
  6. xavierbt

    Backup to SSD Hard Disk

    Hi Lennart, I will give a try to cheap mechanical drives. Thank you for your advice
  7. xavierbt

    Backup to SSD Hard Disk

    It's for daily off site backup. The units must be small (this unit is 98x65x17mm and weight 70gr. Similar in size to an AIT2 tape) and must be solid to support daily transport from company to home storage and vice-versa. Not sure if a mechanical is best suited. Now, I am using AIT2 tapes that no need to take any care for moving around. I have found a Transcend SSD18C3 for 130 Euros tax included. It's a 128G SSD unit. An 80GB AIT2 tape cost 45 Euros so if you take in account that there is no need to invest in a tape unit economically is not so bad.
  8. I'm thinking in replace my old AIT2 Turbo tape backup unit with several Transcend SSD18C3 SSD units. Its an USB 3.0 external SSD of 128G of capacity. Anybody is using this kind of units for backup prouposes ? Any advice ?
  9. xavierbt

    DropBox Folder

    Any one has experienced backups to DropBox folder ?
  10. I have two questions about Retrospect compression behaviour. 1. I have an AIT2 tape that has built-in hardware compression and Retrospect can do software compression. Which will compress better ? The built-in hardware compression included in the tape unit or the software compression algorithm from Retrospect ? 2. If I compress a backup stored in a disk with Retrospect software compression and after i copy the backup to a tape. Retrospect will store a a compressed copy in the tape or it will uncompressed the files to store to tape ?
  11. Hello, I am performing backups using disk to disk to tape. I have 3 scripts making backups to 3 different disk based media sets and i want to copy all 3 to the same tape for offsite storage, but i can't select more than one source in the copy backup script. I need to write 3 different scripts running at different times to accomplish this ?
  12. Hello, Is their any chance that the HP SureStore T20 (Travan TR-5) SCSI unit will be one day supported under OS X ? If yes, any idea of the date ? Regards,