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  1. Problem resolved. Turns out that whatever I saw the app doing was apparently just setting up the catalog or something. I found Iomega tools (thanks) on my system, erased both disks and started over. Each inserted disk requested that it be erased again. With nothing to lose, I proceeded and found that the back-up proceeded as well. I still haven't found specific info on why that would happen in the tutorial or help text. My problems always seem to be the ones that aren't mentioned. Anyway...... on to bigger and better things. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I have an appointment I have to leave for, but maybe we can get something done here in the next few minutes...... or later. Which disk are you asking about? When I re-boot, after the freeze, the second disk (the one that was in when the system froze) IS on the desktop and I can eject it by dragging it to the trash. Sorry if I'm not understanding what you're asking.
  3. I have used Retrospect Express before, with an Orb drive, and backed up my entire hard drive at once. I have now switched computers and want to use it backing up to a built-in Zip 100. I have set only specific folders to back up (this is new to me and different from the simpler method of backing everything up, but the Orb held 1.2GB on one disk vs. only 100MB on the Zip). The backup fills one Zip 100 disk, then asks for a new one, says it will call it 1-Storage setXXXXX. When I insert a blank disk it ejects after a few seconds . If I insert it again the system locks up completely and I have to power-off to re-boot. I can't find anything in the help text, except the suggestion that the software is not recognizing the second disk....... but this is a new, unused Zip disk. Any help is appreciated.