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  1. My server is dual processor 3.2 Ghz, 2Gb ram, Windows Server 2003 Standard. Retrospect version 7.5 multi-server. Sorry, I didn't put that in original post.
  2. Upgraded to 7.5 mult-server about a month ago. Evreything was great for first couple of weeks now I am getting the error.."Can't use Open File Backup option for xxxxxxx(D:), error -1018 (not enough memory)". My servers have 2gb of ram running Windows 2003 Standard Server. How much ram do I need? Anybody know? Thanks
  3. rmuncy

    VirtualAlloc failed error 8 using version 6.5

    I had a similar problem when using 6.5. It had worked fine for 2-3 years then started to get errors as you describe. For me, the problem turned out to too many files. It was not the amount or size being backed up, it was the number of small files. We had grown to about 1.2 million files and that seemed to be the problem. Upgrading to 7.5 fixed it. 7.5 on Windows can handle at least 4 million, I think. Now I have a new problem but not as bad. Not enough memory to process open file backup.
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    Hello, Have you tried going to SPECIAL tab, then Preferences, under Media---Handling--- Eject Tapes? This will eject when quitting, don't know if it will work in your senario. Regards
  5. Hello, Have you tried looking at the preferences tab on the Retrospect Client? Should be able to set the report period there. I think the default is about 7 days. There is also an option to notify after backup. Regards
  6. rmuncy

    -519 error

    Well since I got zero response, to my post, I had to try something else. (Getting desperate). Downloaded an eval of a competing product, and tried a backup of the same file servers, with no changes to the hardware configuration and it worked with NO errors. Still feel that there is an issue with VERY large numbers of small file/folders, because at the beginning of a school year, when the number of files is lower(the are all deleted at the end of each school year), the backups are error free. I understand that more files increases the stress which could correspond to more failures if there was a weak component in the system. In previous versions of Retrospect, I believe up to 5.2, there was a lock up problem with very large numbers of files. Tech. support's solution at that time was to split the backup into small sets. That was done and worked at the time. Now I'm at the point I can't split any more without several hundred point and clicks, because there is no group select in the "Source volumes for backup". If I need to PAY for an answer, I will. .....Just like to know there is an answer first....
  7. rmuncy

    -519 error

    Hello everyone, I have an on-going problem with the infamous 519 error. Previous to the charge for support policy, I have spoken to several differernt tech. people at Dantz. They all tried to help bt the problem seems to come and go at will, until recently. It is now 4 out 5 backup attempts will fail. Only fails on the large folders with excess of 50,000 files, such as student or staff home folders. The student and staff folders are different servers and they both fail. I have tried to best of ability to perform all suggestions on the knowledge base, which includes replacing everything, even a complete server. I have tried backing up through a crossover cable and still get failures. Almost forgot, running 2000 server , with a dedicated backup machine with two Ecrix VXA tape drives. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Russ Muncy