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  1. I have Retro for Windows 5.6. server. When the back up starts the performance speed is around 245 MB/min but after half and hour later, the speed gradually goes down to 34 MB/min towards the end. Hardware compression is enabled, if available. The backup volume is in the same machine as the Retro server. So there is no client or network inbetween. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. The event log indicates "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. The Exchange database copy failed." I checked the agent service account. It has appropriate privilages.
  3. I have exchange 5.5 and exchange agent 1.2 running on NT4. I can use the agent to make immediate back up of the database to C: or D: (or any local drives). But if I copy the Database to a share on another machine, I get "Lost Delayed-write error" error number is 241. Particularly, it says it was trying to tranfer the buffer to and write operation is failed and some data may not be saved. Any idea? And I use the Symantec Ghost to backup the entire hard drive of the exchange server. In the event of server crash, is it okey to restore the image and import the latest exchange database with the agent? Thanks
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    Exchange agent 1.2

    Chuck, Retro exchange agent log only shows the backup that I do manually. And if I go to the exchange server application log, I see the following error event on the scheduled backup time. Logon failure: unknown username or bad password. The Exchange database copy failed. Then I went to the services and checked the account that retro agent service uses to make a back up of exchange database. The Log On As: account is the exchange service account. I thought probably the logon failure is due to the share in win2k. So I switched the backup destination from win2k share to the local machine. The exchange service account has full permission on the destination drive. Still I get the above error in the application log. Any idea? Thanks. sn
  5. I recently started have problem with my retro 5.6 for windows server. Last week, it didn't start the automatic backup script on the scheduled times. But, as soon as, if I start the Retro every morning, the scheduled script for previous night starts. Now I end up staying late to make a manual backup. Any idea? It just started last week. Thanks SN
  6. I have exchange 5.5 and exchange agent 1.2 running on NT4. I created a share to windows 2000 server and pointed the agent to copy the exchange database which is backedup regularly from win2k server. I setup it up so that exchange agent makes full copy every midnight. Here is the full setup: Automate tab ------------------------------------------------ Automatically copy the server database -checked- Every day at <12>:<00>: Destination folder: -a share in win2k server- OPTIONS... --> Make full copy when copy exceeds 429 mb of 41 gig of the destination disk size. -checked- And every DAY Copy tab ------------------------------------------------------ -checked- Full copy Destination folder: -same as above- Here is my question: If I look at the log, I dont see any indication that a backup has occured at 12am everyday. But it looks like I told it to make it. So now I am manually making full copy everyday. Can somebody explain this to me? It is bit confusing. Thanks sn