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  1. I'm investigating using a bitlocker encrypted disk on a win7 client. My concern is being able to restore a whole machine in the event of failure or theft. I've experimented backing up files from this machine, and they appear to be decrypted on the way to the Retrospect server, since if I restore them to another machine I can open them. So far so good. My query is what happens during a bare metal restore. With bitlocker, the client machine has a small unencrypted boot partition, which then passes control to the encrypted partition, which appears as disk c: to win7. Retrospect backs up this disk c: (I can't see a way to make it back up the boot partition).


    So, if I have an identical hardware machine, but different machine to the original, can I run the bare metal resore disk and then restore the backed up c: to this machine, and end up with a working platform? My feeling is that since I'm lacking the boot partiton the answer may be no. (also I guess the restored registry might be signalling to the os that c: should be an encrypted partition, and it won't be.)


    Can anyone advise on the above, or give any insight on how to handle bitlocker encrypted laptops?




    Julian Thornhill

  2. Yes, I realise that general release to everybody is not until October, however Win 7 is available to significant numbers of users now. I believe that EMC's line has been that Retrospect will support Win 7 when Win 7 is released. I am attempting to clarify what EMC mean by released. Win 7 *is* now released, just not to everybody. If EMC mean the general public release date of October 22nd, then I'd like to know, so that I can plan accordingly. I'm not out to criticize EMC's schedule, but simply to discover the actual dates, so that plans can be made.

  3. No. See



    The RTM version is now available to certain groups. We are getting it on 1st September (Volume Licence without SA). I want to deploy it on some new laptops to avoid the pre installed Vista. However, Retrospect support is a must. I've tried a backup and restore of the Release Candidate and it failed at the resoring system settings point.


  4. Can you give some indication as to when Windows 7 will be a supported client under Multiserver 7.6? I know the official line has been "when Windows 7 is officially released", but we are now past that point. Win 7 has been released to software assurance customers. I am expecting to use Win 7 from 1st September.




    Julian Thornhill

  5. When backing up a Vista client I notice that a huge file with a name of the format

    {lots of random characters}-{lots of random characters} is backed up. This file also seems to compress incredibly well as the data transfer rate goes up by a huge amount (such a large increase that I don't quite believe it and maybe its not down to compression but something else).


    Can anyone shed any light on what this file is, and whether it even needs backing up.

  6. I'm running Windows multiserver 7.5.387. Windows clients work fine. However Mac OSX clients return "can't track volumes error -509 unknown service" when the volume tab on the client properties dialogue on the windows servier is accessed. The same error is returned when I attempt to backup the Macs. The Mac is running OSX 10.4.9 and client 6.1.130. A Mac with client 6.0.110 has the same problem. We've tried the obvious, like disabling firewalls, but ot no avail. Any ideas? What bothers me is that hunting this forum and Google seems to indicate that nobody else is suffering from this problem.


    thanks for any pointers....