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  1. That's a bummer. Thanks for letting me know!
  2. This is from the Retrospect 14 user guide.
  3. I'm using Retrospect for Mac OS 10.12.6 and I don't have the option to enable or disable fast catalog rebuilds on my disk based media sets under Options because it doesn't show up at all. Grooming is not and has never been enabled for any of the disk media sets. Has this been removed and the documentation is incorrect or should I be able to turn it on for existing disk media sets?
  4. I had a computer that I used for test purposes that used to have the Mac server app installed. I've since deleted the server app and the server directory from /Library/Server but Retrospect still shows that this computer requires a server license. How does Retrospect determine what is a server and what is considered a desktop and how can I get Retrospect to no longer think this is a server machine? If I'm backing up a NAS by adding it as a share, does that also count as a separate server license?
  5. I'm doing some testing with a trial version of Retrospect 13 and so far it's working as expected.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Do you know which fix or item # listed in the release notes applies to this issue? Nothing jumps out as applying to what I'm seeing so I apologize for being dense.
  7. This also is a problem with Retrospect 11.5.3. I copied some files from a server to another machine and then tried to restore the files from the computer that I copied the files to. Sure enough, the folder I put them in shows up to restore but the contents of the folder is completely empty. I also can't restore the files that I moved to a new folder on the file server itself. I created a new folder and dragged some files in to the new folder. Now, those files don't show up to restore from last nights backup either, only the empty folder. This can't be right can it?
  8. I was selecting the restore icon and then selecting restore selected files and folders. Doing that would show some folders with no data in them because that data apparently was also copied and backed up to another computer. It looks to be the same bug that another user discovered here- http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150808-retrospect-not-backing-up-certain-files/
  9. After more digging, it appears to be a bug with Retrospect 10.5. If the file has been copied to another computer, a server for example, then it thinks it has already been backed up but does not give you the ability to restore the file. If you happen to know about the missing file, you can search for it and do a restore but if there are many files on the client that copied the files then you'll end up with a bunch of missing data when restore the folder containing those items. Yikes! I'm going to be turing on the option to match only the same location/path on all my scripts. I wonder if this bug still exists in the latest version of Retrospect though.
  10. With Retrospect 10.5.0(145) on Mac 10.10, I noticed that I am unable to restore some files which seems to be caused by using the deduplication feature. The files that missing during a restore are also located on a file server. My understanding was that Retrospect wouldn't actually take up extra space on the media set for the same file but the fact that I can't even select it to perform a restore is very worrying. I have a number of folders with empty contents during the restore process and sure enough, trying to restore those folders results in Retrospect telling me that there was nothing to restore. It seems that the "fix" is to enable the more strict option to match only files in the same location/path but why should I need to enable that at all? Shouldn't Retrospect show that file even though it's already been backed up on another computer to the same media set? What am I missing here?
  11. I'm running into this error on a new machine now so I'm also curious to know what you did to fix it.
  12. roobieroo

    Retrospect 10.5 & FileMaker 13

    Just crate a backup script from the Filemaker Admin interface and then tell Retrospect to back those files up. I have Filemaker set to backup the databases hourly and once each night and have Retrospect backup the nightly backup folder. Works great and no additional scripting is needed.
  13. So are you saying that using incremental backups still caused the entire file to be backed up again when you modified the ACL permissions or did you not try your test?
  14. I have two different locations both using Retrospect 10.5.0(145) and as of yesterday evening they can no longer send email using gmail. I switched to using me.com and that works fine but gmail seems to maintain the connection but it never gets anywhere. I enabled more detailed network logging but no messages are being displayed. It's like the connection takes place and hangs. I can't stop Retrospect in System Preferences unless I unplug the network cable for a bit which drops the smtp connection. If I force quite Retrospect it's corrupted both configurations on multiple occasions and I've had to start from scratch. Has anyone else had these issues just recently with sending via gmail?
  15. For what it's worth, I haven't had a problem with this for quite a while now. I guess it could still be happening but it hasn't been something where I've noticed clients not backing up.