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  1. Actually, I got it to work correctly by limiting the backups to only the /Users directory which is good enough for my uses.
  2. I have a retrospect 6.5 server installation and would like to backup a windows vista client. So far I have attempted to install the retrospect 7.5 client on the vista machine but when i attempt to backup the client my retrospect server software crashes. Is this possible or do i need to upgrade the server software to the most current version?
  3. Everything's been running great for 6 months now after rebooting it is asking for the license key again and when I enter it the application has lost all of it's settings? What could be going on here? I have not touched anything! Can anyone please recommend a course of action and a possible cause? I'm running Windows server 2003. This is the second time in 1 year that this has happened.
  4. Does anyone have an example of a script that parses the log file and reports via email when a client has not been backed up in X days? It's a pain to manually look at the backup reports each day.
  5. I installed service pack 1 for Windows 2003 server now retrospect asks for a serial number again, after re-entering the serial number it doesn't see any of my backupsets, scripts, nothing! Is there a way to fix this?
  6. johnbot

    Can a run document do this?

    ahh. however, both backup sets are on the same drive (this is so the user may recycle without losing data in the event the systems dies before a new backup is made). I think what I might need to do is write a script that checks the day of week then runs the appropriate run document.
  7. I have two backup sets on a users machine and two run documents named backupsetA and backupsetB which he uses to backup his machine everynight by alternating run documents. I would like to have just one run document that runs a script which handles alternating the backup sets without the user having to do this. I have setup an unattended script which can do this but his laptop is almost never available so it's best that he starts the script manually. Is there a way to make a run document that simply starts a predefinied script without having to specifiy which backup set?
  8. Is there a reason why /var/log does not get backed up with the linux client? (running on redhat 8 , selected to backup / ). Are there any other directories that it misses? John
  9. I was looking into retrospect 6.5 (currently have 5.5) but was wondering if someone could answer this... If I intend to backup my clients to a disk backup set is there a function that would also let me make a tape backup set of the disk backup? For instance, if I backup to disk backup set I would like to be able to have an identical backup set on tape (different name of course) to send to an off-site storage facility. The important thing here is that i would like retrospect to ackknoledge that the tape is a true backup set so i can stick the tape back in and restore data without having to copy it back to the hard disk first if the diskbackup set is gone for some reason. Am I making any sense? Currently, I backup to disk, then backup from disk to tape but since retrospect sees that tape backup as a backup with 1 big file (the diskbackup set file) I can't restore from it without first restoring the tape to the harddisk. (130 gigs) Any ideas? Do the newer versions support something like this?
  10. johnbot

    Move from Redhat

    Hello Dave, If it's any help, I've installed the most current redhat client rpm on fedora and it works great so far. without any tweaks. http://fedora.redhat.com/ John
  11. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a batch or perl script to send an email once a week with a compiled report for the week showing who was backed up sucessfully and who was not? The daily reports are too much (using the email notification scipt) for some people who just need a simple success or failure report once a week showing each clients status. Hopefully someone has been working on one. Thanks, John
  12. In the near future I would like to implement near-line storage so i can make quick backups to the backup servers harddisk then to AIT backup tape. 1. Does anyone have an tips or experience they can share regarding how to set this up and gotchas?. (I'm running 5.5 multiserv) 2. I've read that multiserv6.5 can backup 8 clients at once to harddisks, any ideas on how to implement or set this up? If this is indeed possible, I would imagine users could potentially shave hours off backup times at least going to harddisk. Thanks for any ideas, or information! John
  13. I have clients set to 80% backup priority and am getting some real slow (4 meg/per minute) backups. I was wonder how setting the priority slider affects the clients. For instance... Does it limit data xfer to a specific range or is it truly dynamic meaning that when the user starts hitting the cpu hard, the client throttles back.? Any one know? Thanks John
  14. For the love of GOD (replace as needed), why have you not integrated something soooo essential in any type of small-mid size office enviroment. Veritas has had this for years. Thanks John