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  1. Yeah...this has been a very common problem with open file backup Jacob. I've been having this on a number of systems and it's been annoying the heck out of me. I figured it had to do with one of Windows' services since our machines wouldn't start showing the problem until we eliminated some 'unnecessary' services. I'm going to give your solution a try!
  2. I'm using Open File backup however, for some reason, it doesn't work with some of the clients (error -1017). As a result, their .pst files do not get backed up. This seems to be a common error/conflict with the Open File Backup and some Windows' services, however, Dantz doesn't seem able to address this issue anywhere.
  3. I'm having the exact same issue. It's a concern, becuase I just purchased Open File Backup in order to backup .pst files on users who have outlook open at the time. I assumed using Open File backup would rectify this issue but it did not. Jeff
  4. I have retrospect single server version 6.5 and want to add on the Open File Backup module. Does anyone know if the current Open File Backup for Version 7.0 is backwards compatible with 6.5? Thanks J
  5. Anyone know where I can buy a license key for Open File Backup for Retrospect 6.5 in Canada? Thanks, J
  6. Thanks Mechaelin. I know how the add-on's work...I guess I should've been more clear...I was wondering whether an unlock code for 7.0 Open File would unlcok the feature in 6.5. I get the impression from your email that that is not the case. Do you happen to know where I coudl purchase an unlock code for the Open File Backup for 6.5? Thanks again, J
  7. Jtummon

    Client stuck at deferred

    There are a number of things to check and try is such a scenario: - Change the client countdown to 0 - Check the client settings - Check the date/time settings of both the client and the server to ensure they match - Make sure the client is using the latest version - Delete the network adapter on the client machine and reboot - If you continue to have the problem, run MSCONFIG on the client and disable everything else (services and startup programs) except for the Retrospect Client Reboot and run test backups of the client to see if the problem still exists, this will rule out any third party software interference.
  8. Jtummon

    Retrospect can't "see" client

    Do you have the XP service pack 2 installed on any machines that can't be seen? If so, you have to ensure the Windows Firewall also allows exceptions for TCP and UDP traffic on port 497. J