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  1. Just wondering how far I can take a restore with Linux and Retrospect. We have 2 volumes which are / (root) and /boot and I'm trying to restore as much as possible so there is little tweaking afterwards. I restored / on one machine to / on another and did not restore the /boot partition. Upon rebooting, my modules were out of wack because the kernel/module versions were different between the two machines. I rebuilt a test system and restored both / and /boot before I rebooted, and now GRUB (boot loader) just says: GRUB and then the machine halts. Should I just pick and choose what I want to restore from the /boot partition? Or should I be going about this in an entirely different way? Thank you, James Herschel Systems Administrator
  2. Hmmm ... well, I could see the kernel versions differing quite often. Do most people using Retrospect just restore as much as possible without touching the system files (/boot, /var/lib/modules, etc.)? Thanks!