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  1. just a quick question; I've had 2 firewire drives crash this week, (unrepairable, sent back to manufacturer) right after doing a back up with retrospect express. Is there any way Retrospect could have caused this or help cause it. Is there a bug of late that causes this in firewire devices? I'm using a Mac G4 OS 9.0.4. Retrospect Xpress Sony edition 4.3. I've used retrospect for years now, (at my last job and here) with the Mac and NT and I love it! I'm getting both the firewire drives repaired. I'm just trying to figure out why so they both don't do it again.
  2. That did it!!! Perfect!! It made perfect sense once you said that. thanks again, Randyp
  3. I've been using Retrospect xpress for about 8 months now with no problems. Then my firewire drive crashes, I replace it and I get an error message everytime i try to do a backup " Can't add that much data to backup set." It says it's limited to 2 gig. How do I fix this? I understand that there is a 1000 gig limit. I'm using a G4 with os 9, 1.2 gigs of ram, 72 gig firewire, 30 gig hardrive. thanks !!! Randy P.