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  1. Yes an AD DC for domain EMGLAB server name of CERBERUS. The user I created was retrospect and typed into the logged on field.
  2. Hello all! The problem I am experiencing is that when the server was rebooted several days ago for updates the backups did not automatically run. When I logged in yesterday the retrospect engine shoed the last backup was the night before the reboot and then began running the backup. The version I am running is 6.5 Server. Is this normal? Is there way to run the back if nobody is logged on in the console? Additionally when I use Configure->Preferences->Security and select the option "Always run retropect as the specified user" and type in the account for use it echos back to me "The provided login information is invalid". Any help would be appreciated! -Mauricio
  3. I have a client that wishes to be notified of status of the backup everyday. This notification would be sent to him ideally through e-mail and would occur regardless of failure or success. He just wants to recv. an e-mail stating what happened last night. My current stand is use Reports Watcher and have him login to a password secured webpage to view the reports. I wish the Reports Watcher was daemonized natively?! Any suggestions. Mauricio
  4. Hello. I am so far pretty happy with Retropect server on my SBS 2k install. I just recv. an error that shows up in the Backup Report as "-1118 cannot make directory " then when I click on it I end up at the Operation Log where it says - 3/27/2003 8:00:14 PM: Copying Dell Server (C:) Can't add another session to Backup Set (limited to 5,000 sessions) 3/27/2003 8:04:22 PM: Execution incomplete Duration: 00:04:06 (00:04:06 idle/loading/preparing) What is meant by this error? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have used the search function on your KB area and these forums and found zelch?! Thanks, Mauricio Borgen
  5. Thanks for the post but I was looking for a RESOLUTION to the error not a repeitition of the obvious. I will read the manual and suggest your KB offer solutions for the ERRORS rather than a defininition of the error code which is useful to a point in troubleshotting. Thanks for the input and I will post my fix. I guess a RTFM is in order I just posted this since I am quite busy with multiple clients and figured a Dantz PRO could point out something other than the obvious. Thanks.